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Around 9 p.m. on May 28, 2014, a homicide case occurred at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. A woman was violently beaten to death by six men and women while having her meal. The murder was actually not a complicated case, yet surprisingly, after the CCP’s three-day careful planning, the police alleged on May 31 that the suspects were the members of “the Church of Almighty God.” The media which act as the mouthpiece of the CCP took the opportunity to wantonly defame the Church of Almighty God again, making up lies to fool the people! However, no matter how skillful the CCP’s means of fabricating lies is, the sensible men will see with half an eye that there are so many doubtful points. It’s completely a frame-up cooked up by the CCP, and it also gives the CCP government an excuse for its another round of violent slaughter.

In retrospect, since the CCP was in power, in order to solidify its dictatorial rule, it has been deceiving the people with lies and suppressing the dissenters with schemes. In just over 60 years, it has painstakingly directed so many earth-shattering frame-ups and slaughters! That has brought countless disasters to the Chinese people, thousands of innocent people having fallen under its butcher’s knife. During the Korean War, for example, the CCP started the war on the excuse of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea and defending the homeland, thus causing nearly one million Chinese people to be killed or wounded. From October 1934 to the end of 1936, due to the failure in the counter-campaign against “encirclement and suppression” by Chiang Kai Shek’s army, the CCP was forced to escape, starting the 12,500-km Long-March. It was actually a shameful history of fleeing. However, after the establishment of PRC, the CCP shamelessly embellished that defeat to be “marching northward to fight Japan,” beautifying its shameful history to be a glorious one! And it even wrote it into Chinese textbooks! In addition, in order to suppress the religious people and various dissenters to ensure its dictatorial rule, the CCP fabricates lies, distorts facts, frames up, and suppresses with violence, which are the habitual ways the CCP adopts. It can be said that every time before the CCP carries out a large-scale suppression, it will create a false case, and immediately after that, it will whip up public opinion and instigate the people, and then conduct the bloody suppression and wholesale slaughter on that excuse. The facts are obvious to all. The world-shaking June Fourth Movement in 1989 was actually a student movement initiated to fight corruption and build a clean government and advocate democracy and freedom. However, the CCP had some soldiers disguise themselves as students and overturn the military vehicles to create cases. Then it accused the students of “initiating a riot” and suppressed them brutally, causing tens of thousands of innocent students to be shot dead or crushed under the tanks by the army. It was the same with the event in Tibet. The CCP first sent some people to slip into the mass of protesters to specially commit violent crimes such as arson, murder, robbery, looting, and so on. Then it called in the military to shoot to kill on the excuse of suppressing the “Tibetan rebellion.” With the Falun Gong event in 2001, the CCP followed a set pattern. It found some people beforehand to act as Falun Gong practitioners on the Tiananmen Square and create the “Tiananmen self-immolation” event. Then, on that excuse, it conducted suppression, persecution, and slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners….

Numerous events have proved that each time before the CCP conducts a large-scale suppression and slaughter, it will first whip up a series of public opinions. Its purpose is to pave the way for later suppression and slaughter. As the saying goes, it’s very easy for an evildoer to find an excuse to do ill intentionally. This is also the habitual way the CCP uses: Whip up public opinion first, and then kill brutally afterward!

Today, the CCP played the same old trick again. Concerning “the incident of six people beating a woman to death in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province on May 28,” it created public opinion tremendously. In only three days, this common criminal case escalated into a case of murder because of religious belief, and it publicly framed the Church of Almighty God. The CCP’s sinister intention was abundantly clear: The CCP will slaughter members of the underground churches in Mainland China. Even the Three-Self church run by the government has begun to suffer persecution. Many churches have been forcibly dismantled. This is the unquestionable evidence. A bloody suppression in the name of “a special movement of cracking down on the evil cults” will begin again!

As the ordinary Christians of the Church of Almighty God, we can’t be silent anymore. We will use the facts to expose the CCP’s plots and schemes and its sinister intention.

First, there are many doubtful points about the identities of Zhang Lidong and others.

Point One: After the murder happened, the CCTV news and the Focus Interview broadcast the case successively. Before the case has been brought to trial in the court, the CCP has determined these several ruffians as the members of the “Church of the Almighty God” through its mouthpiece and emphasized that the criminals “believed” in a certain religion. Very obviously, it presented a criminal case as a matter of religious belief. Moreover, without doing any verification, the CCP made the final judgment based on the one-sided statement of the criminal suspect himself, affirming that Zhang Lidong is a member of the Church of Almighty God. Is it legally acceptable? Regarding who are the members of the Church of Almighty God, it should be determined by God’s chosen people of the Church of Almighty God and the Church of Almighty God. The CCP government doesn’t represent the Church of Almighty God. It has no right to determine who is a member of the Church of Almighty God. Its statement is untenable. No country acknowledges such an absurd statement. It is clearly written on Article 53 of The Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China that in judging any case, the stress must be on the weight of evidence and investigations, and confessions should not be taken on trust. With the case of Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, there is only the confession of the doer, yet there isn’t other evidence to prove the doer’s acts. Can this be taken as the evidence to make the final judgment? It’s not difficult to see that the “May 28 incident” is completely a false case created by the CCP to frame and condemn the Church of Almighty God!

Moreover, these several ruffians are in the hands of the CCP’s police. Whether they made confessions under the CCP’s instigation or because of being tormented by cruel tortures is really questionable! This is because the CCP prisons are full of threats, intimidations, cruel tortures and persecutions. Numerous people have been cruelly tortured to death there. So prisoners admit a confession by tortures. Whatever the CCP asks them to say, they have to say it. Whatever the CCP urges them to say, they have to say it. Otherwise, they will be beaten to death. So, it is very possible for prisoners to be interrogated by cruel tortures. If just the prisoner’s own confession is used, no law in any country will acknowledge it, because the law stresses the evidence. Now, the CCP’s irresponsible remarks and casual frame-up don’t stand at all. It regards itself as God and speaks whatever it wants to say. Whatever it says, it forces the world media to accept and acknowledge it. Isn’t it too overbearing? By doing so, it doesn’t have regard for the people of the world and the laws of countries in the world at all. It uses lies, violence, and deceptions to control Chinese people. Now it wants to use the same ways to control the whole mankind. It can be seen that the CCP is exactly the lawless demon! How could such a demon have justice and equality in interrogating the case?

Furthermore, Zhang Lidong is cruel and atrocious in his disposition and kills without reason. He is purely an evil man. Just by this, it can completely prove that he is absolutely not a member of the Church of Almighty God. This is because in the Church of Almighty God there are strict principles and standards for preaching the gospel: “First, only those who truly believe in God in their heart and are willing to seek the true way and have good humanity can be preached to. Second, anyone who has good humanity and can accept the truth can be preached to, regardless of what profession he is in, whether or not he has a high education, or whether he is male or female, old or young.” “Those who are evil, having very bad humanity, having bad reputation, and being able to do any evil thing absolutely cannot be preached to.” (from The Collection of the Church Work Arrangements Over the Years) The Church of Almighty God will absolutely not preach the gospel to such an evil person as Zhang Lidong, much less accept him. This is the truth of the fact. However, the CCP government disregarded the principles and regulations of the Church of Almighty God, fabricated rumors out of thin air, and framed, forcibly claiming that those several vicious murderers are members of the Church of Almighty God. Its base means are beneath contempt.

Point Two: The CCP says that Zhang Lidong is a member of the Church of Almighty God and has believed in God for seven years. We should like to ask: Who can prove it? Which church of Zhaoyuan is he in? Whose homes has he had meetings at? Who is the church leader? Who preaches to him? Who is the church deacon? How many members are there in the church? Who are the brothers and sisters? Who are the brothers and sisters he has contact with? Who acknowledges him in the church? What’s the procedure and form of the church life? One should know that each person has to be approved by the church leader and deacons so as to be accepted into the Church of Almighty God. Who are the church leader and the church deacons that accepted him? Can he tell these? Naturally, he should know all these because he has believed in God for seven years. Why didn’t he tell these? This is really doubtful! Additionally, since he has believed in God for seven years, how many words of Almighty God has he understood? How many words of Almighty God has he remembered? Does he know the criteria for being a man required by Almighty God? Does he know the purpose for one to believe in God? Can he give out the facts? He only fabricated out of the void yet couldn’t take out one piece of evidence that is the most practical. Thus, one has to doubt whether he said that under the interrogation by torture or under the instigation of the CCP. The CCP’s interrogation only represents the CCP and doesn’t represent the Church of Almighty God. Moreover, the CCP uses various means to force one to make confession. Such confession can’t stand at all and is completely fabricated.

In addition, the CCP police said that they searched out the books on believing in Almighty God at the house of Zhang Lidong. Do they have evidence? Who have seen these books? Who admit it? How did Zhang Lidong get those books? From whom did he get them? What are the contents of the books? Why didn’t they publicize the contents of them? How much credibility do their words have if there is no evidence and all those are mere words without a factual basis? Also, according to the behavior of Zhang Lidong and others at McDonald’s as stated by them, they are very willing to preach the gospel to others. Then why didn’t they preach it to their neighbors? Why don’t their neighbors know that they have the books on believing in God? Zhang Lidong claims that he has believed in God for seven years. Then during that period, if he had been using such violence in preaching the gospel after being refused, how many people would have been injured or killed? Why has he been going unpunished all along? All these groundless words are used as evidence, and this even more proves the fact that the CCP is fabricating lies.

Actually, Zhang Lidong isn’t a member of the Church of Almighty God at all. The leaders and workers and God’s chosen people in the local churches of Zhaoyuan don’t know him at all. However, through the CCP’s fabricating lies, the people in the world see once again the CCP’s image of being a butcher. The CCP blames the Church of Almighty God for a criminal case and takes this opportunity to crack down on the Church of Almighty God. It’s really absurd to judge a case in such a way, without legislative authority and without research on the facts but stealthily substituting one thing for another. As is known to all, now in China many CCP officials commit crimes. For example, there is a headmaster who raped young girls, city administrators who beat the vendors to death, a mayor who killed and dismembered the corpse of his lover, a government official who locked up his sex slaves, government officials who have embezzled over 100 million assets, the “big wigs” who take advantage of both the plaintiffs and the defendants, and so on. According to the CCP’s logic in judging cases, should all their crimes be blamed on the CCP? Should the CCP as a whole be taken as an object to be cracked down on? Furthermore, let us think about this: If books such as The Manifesto of the Communist Party, Quotations from Mao Zedong, The Selected Pieces of Jiang Zemin’s Articles are found in the houses of some murderers or rogues, should all these criminals be considered as members of the CCP, according to the deduction of the CCP? Should the CCP then be an evil cult? And are their crimes instigated by the CCP or by Mao Zedong or Jiang Zemin? Will the CCP and Jiang Zemin agree with such sayings? It can be fully seen that such a way of deduction is too low and absurd! This kind of way of deduction, which only those who do not have a sound mind have, even becomes a mindset of a ruling party. This is really unimaginable. The facts are enough to prove that the lies of the CCP don’t bear scrutiny and are very foolish. It is very easy for those sensible men to see the flaws in them.

Point Three: The ruffian Zhang Lidong said in his confession that some people will leave the earth and go back to heaven and will lead him in heaven. This viewpoint of believing in God doesn’t accord with the words of Almighty God at all. In the words of Almighty God, there is no such saying at all. This is the viewpoint of pursuit of those who believe in Buddhism, Taoism, or other religions. All those who have read the words of Almighty God know that Almighty God has told people clearly that man shouldn’t believe in God for the purpose of going up to heaven but for understanding the truth and gaining the truth to be his life from God’s word, and getting rid of corrupt satanic dispositions such as arrogance, self-conceit, selfishness, baseness, crookedness, and craftiness, and living out the likeness of a real man, and worshiping God and shunning evil. This is the purpose of believing in God for the Christians of the Church of Almighty God. It can be seen that the criminal suspect’s viewpoint of believing in God is completely contrary to and different from the words of Almighty God. However, he claims that he is a member of the Church of Almighty God. Who will believe this kind of lies which even fools can see through? The facts have shown that Zhang Lidong and other people are only tools used by the CCP to tell lies, and they don’t understand what belief is at all.

Second, did Zhang Lidong and other people do violence really because of being refused when preaching the gospel?

The government claimed that Zhang Lidong and other people did violence after being refused when preaching the gospel. Is there any factual evidence for that? The message that the reporter got from interviewing the diners who were on the spot was: Zhang Lidong and other people asked the customers in the restaurant for their phone numbers. They were refused at that time. But in the interview, the true reason why the suspects asked for the phone numbers wasn’t mentioned. When the reporter asked the witnesses, “Why did the suspects ask for the phone numbers?” the witnesses answered, “We don’t know either…” That is, the witnesses didn’t know why the suspects asked for the phone numbers. The suspects didn’t show their identities or reasons. Can these be taken as the evidence to make the final judgment? Is it legally acceptable? Is the CCP too careless? Or are there other schemes? Actually, the murderer Zhang Lidong doesn’t know at all the criteria required in preaching the gospel in the Church of Almighty God, much less the way of preaching the gospel! In the administrative decrees of the Church of Almighty God, it is clearly stipulated, “Do not drag in any of your unbelieving relatives (such as your children, husband, wife, sisters, or parents). God’s family is not short of men and does not need useless men to make up the number. Do not bring into the church anyone who is not willing to believe. This article is directed at all people. You should restrain each other, oversee each other, and warn each other concerning this. No one shall offend it. Even if your unbelieving relatives reluctantly enter into the church, they shall not be given books or given a new name. Such ones are not men of God’s family. Prevent by all means all such ones from entering into the church.” This is the administrative decree personally stipulated by Almighty God, and everyone must obey it. No matter who the object of the preaching is, one should absolutely not force him to believe in God, much less use violence. Obviously, the reason for the murderer to do violence claimed by the government seriously goes against the real fact. We all know that the CCP has been fabricating rumors out of nothing and slandering and framing the Church of Almighty God, saying that it’s an underworld organization and uses violence to preach the gospel or even cuts the nose or digs out the eyes of those who refuse the gospel. Just consider this: From 1991 when Almighty God carried out the work in China until now, God’s kingdom gospel has spread throughout Mainland China. If the facts were really so, then how many people would have been cut off ears or dug out eyes or died an unnatural death because of refusing the gospel? And how many murder cases or serious cases would have happened? However, the CCP has spread the lies for over twenty years, and until now there isn’t a single case of one’s being attacked by violence because of refusing the gospel. It can be seen that the CCP’s lies are really foolish and ridiculous. It’s completely bringing shame to itself and slapping itself.

As is known to all, the CCP’s dictatorship is known to the world. It absolutely allows no dissidents or dissenters to exist, much less any different party or government to appear. In order to purge those who hold different opinions and ensure the stability of its dictatorship, the CCP has always been confounding black and white and framing up, finally conducting a bloody suppression. This has been its “sound strategy” of administering the country. Since 1991 when Almighty God carried out the end-time work in China, the CCP has spared no police force and expense in carrying on a long-term bloody suppression of the Church of Almighty God, attempting to destroy and ban the Church of Almighty God. During the period, it uses various base and sinister means, such as, fabricating rumors and deceiving, slandering and framing up, forcibly instilling evil sayings and fallacies, brain-washing and assimilating, sending spies, investigating openly and secretly, controlling in the grass-roots units, requiring the neighbors to supervise, entering the houses freely to search, using the Three-Self church to supervise and control, secretly arresting, interrogating by tortures, afflicting the flesh, beating to death without responsibility, and so on. Because of the CCP government’s inhuman and brutal arresting and persecution and shadowing and monitoring, so many people have been hunted so that they can’t return their homes, their families are broken, and they wander from place to place, having no fixed abode. Still many people have been arrested by them and suffered all kinds of cruel tortures and lived a life worse than death in prison. And so many others have been wounded and disabled by them or even tortured to death…. The CCP is guilty of the most heinous crimes, which are too numerous to record! Now, seeing that the words Almighty God expresses in the end time begin to appear in the Western media and the CCP’s monstrous crimes of cruelly persecuting God’s chosen people have been exposed in the Western media, it has a guilty conscience and fears that the world will crusade against it after its crimes are made known to the world. So it plays the same old trick again and deliberately escalates a criminal case into a case of religious belief, fabricating lies against and framing the Church of Almighty God. Thus, by using this excuse, it will further carry on a bloody suppression of the Church of Almighty God, persecuting and killing God’s chosen people, attempting to completely destroy and abolish God’s work. The CCP’s vicious intent is so clear! This is also its usual trick and method. Just wait and see!

Justice has a long arm. Providence will not forgive the monstrous sin of the CCP’s discrediting the Church of Almighty God! Its evildoing will eventually come out in the wash. Lies can’t stand the test of the facts and time after all. No crime will escape God’s righteous chastisement and judgment!

[Almighty God] [Eastern Lightning] [The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God  came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.

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