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[Almighty God] The Latest Utterance of End Time Christ “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve (7)”

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Not Fearing God and Shunning Evil Is Standing in Opposition to God

Here let’s first see: Where does the word “fear God and shun evil” come from? (The Book of Job.) Since we mention Job, let’s talk about Job. In the times of Job, did God do any work of saving and conquering man? No! Right? Then how much knowledge of God did Job have at that time? (Not much.) How is his knowledge of God in comparison with yours today? Why do you not dare to answer this question? Is it more than or less than your knowledge today? (Less.) This question is very easy to answer. Less! That is definite! Now you are face to face with God and face to face with God’s word. Your knowledge of God is much more than Job’s. Why do I mention this? Why do I say so? Here I want to illustrate a fact. Before I illustrate it, I want to ask you a question: Why is it that Job, with far less knowledge of God, could fear God and shun evil, but people of today cannot? (People have been deeply corrupted.) “People have been too deeply corrupted” is the surface of the problem. For my part, I will never view it this way. You always have the doctrines or letters you often say at ordinary times, the pet phrases, such as, “being deeply corrupted,” “disobeying God,” “not being faithful to God,” “not being obedient,” “not loving the truth,” … on your lips to explain the substance of any problem. This is a wrong way of practice. Explaining the problems of different nature with the same answer would naturally be suspected of blaspheming the truth and God. I do not like to hear such an answer. You think about it carefully! None of you has thought about it. However, for my part, I can see it every day and can feel it every day. So, while you are doing, I am watching. When you are doing, you cannot feel its substance, but when I am watching, I can see its substance and can also perceive its substance. Then what is its substance? Why can’t people of today fear God and shun evil? Your answer is far from enough to explain the substance of this problem or solve the substance of this problem. This is because there is a root, which you do not know. What is the root? I know you want to hear it very much. Then I will tell you the root of this problem.

From the day God did his work, whom did God treat man as? God rescued man back and treated man as his family member, as the object of his work, and as the object to be conquered, saved, and perfected by him. This was God’s attitude toward man when he did his work at the beginning. However, what was man’s attitude toward God at that time? Man found God alien and treated him as a stranger. Man’s attitude toward God could be said to be perplexed, and he did not know how he should treat God. Anyway, he just treated God according to what he thought, and acted according to what he thought. Did man have his viewpoint about God? At the beginning, man did not have any viewpoint about God. His so-called viewpoint was his notion and imagination about God. He just accepted what fit his notion. As for what was discordant with his notion, outwardly he pretended to obey it, but in his heart he resisted and opposed it to the utmost. This was the relationship between man and God at the beginning: God treated man as his family member, but man treated God as a stranger. However, after God did the work for a period of time, man understood what God wanted to do, knew that he was the true God, and knew what man could receive from God. Then whom did man treat God as? He treated God as a life-saving straw, hoping to receive from God grace, blessing, and promise. Whom did God treat man as at the time? God treated man as the object to be conquered. God was to judge, test, and try man with his word. But at the time, to man, God was the one who could be used by him to achieve his own ends. Man saw that the truth God expressed could conquer and save man and that man had the opportunity to receive from God his desired things and desired destination, so man had a little bit of sincerity and was willing to follow this God. Later, man had some superficial and doctrinal knowledge about God and could be said to be more and more “familiar” with God and more and more “familiar” with the words God spoke, the messages God preached, the truth God expressed, and the work God did, so man mistakenly thought that he was no longer unfamiliar with God and had walked on the way of being compatible with God. By now, people have heard many messages of the truth and experienced many works of God, but disturbed and hindered by many factors and many situations, most fail to practice the truth and fail to satisfy God. They become more and more slack, have less and less faith, and feel more and more uncertain about their outcome, and they no longer dare to have any extravagant thought and no longer make an effort to seek progress but just follow and go forward step by step reluctantly. People being in such a state now, what is God’s attitude toward them? God only wants to inculcate these truths, his ways, in them and then arrange various circumstances to try them and use various means to try them, for the purpose that he will achieve the result “people can fear God and shun evil” by these words, these truths, and the works he does. What my eyes see is that most people just observe God’s words as doctrines, as letters, and as regulations. When doing things or speaking or encountering trials, they do not keep God’s ways as the ways they should keep. Especially when people encounter some great trials, I see none of them direct his practice toward “fearing God and shunning evil.” Therefore, God’s attitude toward man is extreme detestation and loathing! After God has tried man many times and even a hundred times, man still has no definite attitude to show his resolution—I am determined to fear God and shun evil! Since man does not have such a resolution or such a manifestation, now God’s attitude toward man is that he no longer shows mercy, tolerance, forbearance, or patience to man as before, but feels extremely disappointed in man. Who is the cause of this “disappointment”? As for what attitude God has toward man, whom does it lie with? It lies with each one who follows God. In these many years of work, God has made many requirements of man and arranged many circumstances for man. However, no matter what man has practiced and no matter what attitude man has toward God, man just cannot direct his practice definitely toward the goal of “fearing God and shunning evil.” So I have drawn a conclusion in one word by which to explain why people cannot walk in God’s ways—fear God and shun evil, which we have just talked about. What is the word? It is: God treats man as the object of his salvation and the object of his work, but man treats God as his enemy, as his opposite. Now have you seen this clearly? What man’s attitude is, what God’s attitude is, and what the relationship between man and God is, these are very clear. No matter how many messages you have heard, the summaries you yourselves make, such as being faithful to God, obeying God, seeking the way to be compatible with God, spending your whole life for God, living for God…, these, in my eyes, do not mean that you are consciously walking in God’s ways—fearing God and shunning evil, but are only some channels you use to achieve your certain purposes. For these purposes, you are reluctantly keeping some regulations. However, it is exactly these regulations that cause man to be further away from the way of “fearing God and shunning evil” and to place God in opposition to man again.

The subject I talk about today is somewhat heavy. But anyway I still hope that you can live up to what I have just said to you in your future experience and future time. Do not treat God as air—feeling he exists when you need him and feeling he does not exist when you do not need him. When you have such knowledge in your subconscious, you have infuriated God. Some people may say, “I have not treated God as air. I pray to God all the time, and I satisfy God all the time. Whatever I do, I do it within the scope of God’s requirement and according to the principle and standard required by God, and not according to my own will.” Right, the way of your practice is right! But when you encounter things, what do you think? When you encounter things, what do you practice? Some people feel God exists when they make prayers and requests to God, but when they encounter things and their own will comes out and they want to act according to it, they treat God as air. At this time, God does not exist to them. People think that when they need God, he should exist, and that when they do not need God, he should not exist, and they can just practice according to their own will, doing whatever they want to do, and there is no need to seek God’s ways at all. Since people are in such a condition and in such a state now, aren’t they on the brink of danger? Some people say, “No matter whether I am on the brink of danger or not, anyway I have believed in God so many years, and I believe that God should not forsake me, because God does not have the heart to forsake me.” Still some say, “I have believed in the Lord since I was in my mother’s womb. It has been forty to fifty years by now. In terms of time, I am most qualified to be saved by God, and I am most qualified to be left alive. During the forty to fifty years, I have left my family, given up my career, and given up my all, such as money, position, enjoyment, and family happiness. Many good foods I have not tasted, many enjoyable things I have not enjoyed, and many nice places I have not visited. I have even undergone the sufferings ordinary men cannot stand. If God cannot save me because of that, then I am treated too unjustly, and I cannot believe in such a God.” Aren’t there many people who have such thoughts? (Yes.) Then today I will let you know a fact: All who have such thoughts are lifting a rock only to drop on their own feet. This is because they have blinded their eyes with their own imaginations. It is exactly their imaginations and conclusions that have replaced God’s required standard of man and hindered them from receiving God’s true will, so that they are unable to feel the real existence of God, lose the opportunities to be perfected by God, and have no part or share in God’s promises.

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