Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Conversation With God | Almighty God’s Utterance “How to Know the God on Earth”

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Almighty God says, “You look at everything done by Christ in the position of an unrighteous man and judge all the work of Christ and his identity and substance from the angle of a wicked man. You have made a very great mistake and have done something that men of former times had never done. That is, you have always only served the lofty God in heaven who wears a crown, but have never ‘waited on’ such a God who is too small for you to see at all. Isn’t this your sinful deed? Isn’t this a typical example of your offending God’s disposition? You worship very much the God in heaven, adore very much lofty images, admire very much men who speak elegantly, like very much to be at the command of the god who makes your hands full of money, and miss very much the god who can satisfy your desire in every aspect. You just do not worship such a God who is not lofty, just hate to have dealings with such a God whom no one thinks highly of, just do not want to do service for such a God who never gives you a single cent, and just do not yearn for such a God who is not lovely. Such a God cannot broaden your horizons or make you feel as if you had got the most valuable treasure, much less fulfill your wishes. Then why do you follow him? Have you ever thought about such a question?”


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