Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Almighty God’s Word “All Those Who Do Not Know God Are the Ones Who Resist God”

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Almighty God says, “Resisting God I am speaking of refers to those who do not know God, those who confess God with their mouths but do not know God, those who follow God but do not obey God, and those who enjoy God’s grace but cannot stand testimony for God. If one does not understand the purpose of God’s work or understand the work God does on man, he cannot be after God’s heart or stand testimony for God. The reason why men resist God is, on the one hand, because of their corrupt disposition, and on the other hand, because they do not know God and do not understand the principles of God’s working and God’s will for man. These two aspects together form the history of men’s resisting God. Those who first believe in God resist God because they have the nature of resisting God.”


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