Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Choir Song | Music Concert “Chinese Choir Episode 7”

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God created everything and governs everything; at the same time, He rules over and supplies all things. This is God’s true identity: the unique God Himself. God is in heaven and also on earth. He can both ascend to the highest place and humble Himself by assuming flesh. Since man was corrupted by Satan, God has never left man, but has been taking good care of, showing concern for, and watching over man. To save man from the influence of Satan thoroughly, God carries out the six-thousand-year management plan, does three stages of work, and changes ages by different names. In the last days, God is no longer called Jehovah or Jesus, but is called the powerful Almighty God Himself. He will use this name to conclude the entire age and restore His original status in the hearts of all creatures. He will make the whole of mankind see His true face and acknowledge that He is the God of all creatures.

1. God’s Own Identity and Position
2. God’s Substance Truly Exists
3. The Significance of God’s Name

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