Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Beautiful Music | Power of Words “Chinese Choir Episode 4”

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God has come to earth from heaven, brimming with righteousness and majesty. He becomes flesh personally to express words, by which He discloses the nature and substance of man, and supplies life for man. Through the words, He reveals, judges, chastises, and cleanses man. In this way, man sees God’s wisdom and loveliness and understands God’s disposition from His words, and thus is willing to reject Satan and testify for God. God has thoroughly defeated Satan by man’s testimony and gained a group of people who know God, obey God, and are of the same mind as God. In the end, God shall bring these people who have been saved and purified into the final rest. This is the purpose of God’s six-thousand-year management plan.

1. God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth
2. God Has Indeed Come to the World
3. God Is Incarnated Just to Defeat Satan and Save All Mankind
4. God Perfects People with the Word in the Last Days
5. Who Has Known the God in the Flesh
6. Those Who Enter Into the Final Rest Will Be the Purified Ones

4. You forsake the truth because you consider yourself irredeemable. So you’ve forsaken even the most basic of truths, you’ve forsaken even the most basic of truths. You may not be incapable of practicing the truth, but it’s that you have given up the opportunity of doing so. How could you be changed if you have forsaken the truth? What’s the point of your faith in God if you forsake the truth? God once said, “No matter when, seeking the transformation of your disposition won’t go wrong.” Have you forgotten it? You only remember the words “few and far between” and then consider yourself hopeless. If you don’t pursue positively, how can negative things not come out? And how can you not become passive? So God still tells you this: Do justice to yourself, and do not forsake the truth. Do justice to yourself, and do not forsake the truth.

from “Do Justice to Yourself, and Do Not Forsake the Truth” in Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers


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