Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Seek the True Way | Gospel Movie “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life”



Tao Wei was a preacher of a house church. Faced with the deteriorating famine situation in the church and her spiritual dryness and darkness, she felt perplexed and confused: The word of the Lord is the living water of life and can nourish our life and provide our needs. But why can’t we feel the working of the Holy Spirit when reading the Lord’s words? Why does the Lord not work in the religious world? Has His work moved? Has He appeared and worked in another place? …Tao Wei was eager to find out the answers, and even more desired to receive the supply of the living water of life. She sought the appearance and work of God with brothers and sisters, and they finally found the Church of Almighty God, and had fellowships and debates with the preachers from the Church of Almighty God….Could they find the source of the living water of life in the Church of Almighty God? Could they receive the water of life flowing from the throne?….

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8 thoughts on “Seek the True Way | Gospel Movie “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life”

  1. We are afraid Wang Hua,has misunderstood certain texts from the Bible. Jehovah, the god of gods is a singular Eternal Spirit Who does not tell lies, cannot be seen by man and does not have flesh, bones, nor blood and cannot be tempted.This One God, Who does not change, told at the baptism of the Nazarene man, who was born out of a woman (something god cannot), that it was His only begotten son. This son was seen by many, who did not fall death, and was tempted more than once (something God cannot be).Jesus is the son of God and not God.


  2. So, why?, may we ask do the writers of those articles do not believe God when He tells mankind He is an eternal Spirit, not having bones, flesh or blood, Who cannot be seen by man or they would die? Also why do the writers not believe the God Who says Jeshua, Jesus Christ is His only begotten son?


    • There’s only one God in the world and He is the creator whose name is Jehovah in the age of Law, Jesus in age of Grace and Almighty God in Age of Kingdom. God is a spirit who can incarnate on Earth so He has bones, flesh and blood. This flesh is a man and is God, a man with a normal humanity and God with full divinity.
      You may read this to know the reason of incarnation: Corrupt Mankind Needs Even More the Salvation of the God Incarnated in the “Flesh”


      • What use is it for God to come to the earth and to fake man coudl do something to him? Jesus was tempted but God cannot be tempted and also cannot die. Jesus really did die; In case He is God what would be the use of waiting such a long time before doing this charade whilst He could solve the problem straight ahead in the Garden of Eden?


      • This is the meaning of God allows Satan to corrupted mankind, Almighty God says, “Such is the management of God: to hand mankind over to Satan—a mankind that doesn’t know what God is, what the Creator is, how to worship God, and why it is necessary to submit to God—and give free reign to the corruption of Satan. Step-by-step, God then recovers man from the hands of Satan, until man fully worships God and rejects Satan. This is the management of God. All this sounds like a mythical story; and it seems perplexing. People feel that it is like a mythical story, and that is because they have no inkling of how much has happened to man over the last several thousand years, much less do they know how many stories have occurred in the expanse of this universe. And furthermore, that is because they do not appreciate the more astonishing, more fear-inducing world that exists beyond the material world, which their mortal eyes prevent them from seeing. It feels incomprehensible to man, and that is because man has no understanding of the significance of God’s salvation of mankind and the significance of the work of God’s management, and does not comprehend how God ultimately wishes mankind to be. Is it a mankind akin to Adam and Eve, uncorrupted by Satan? No! The management of God is in order to gain a group of people who worship God and submit to Him. This mankind has been corrupted by Satan, but no longer sees Satan as his father; he recognizes the ugly face of Satan, and rejects it, and comes before God to accept His judgment and chastisement. He knows what is ugly, and how it contrasts with that which is holy, and he recognizes the greatness of God and the evil of Satan. A mankind such as this will no longer work for Satan, or worship Satan, or enshrine Satan. That’s because they are a group of people that have truly been gained by God. This is the significance of God’s managing mankind. During the work of God’s management of this time, mankind is the object of Satan’s corruption, and at the same time is the object of God’s salvation, as well as the product God and Satan fight for. At the same time as conducting His work, God gradually recovers man from the hands of Satan, and so man comes ever closer to God….”

        More: http://www.holyspiritspeaks.org/man-can-only-be-saved-amidst-the-management-of-god/


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