Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

The Final Result That God’s Work Aims to Achieve

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1. In so much of the work of God,

anyone with true experience feels reverence and fear for Him,

which is higher than admiration.

His work of judgment and chastisement makes people see God’s disposition,

and in their hearts, they revere Him.

They feel reverence for Him.

God is meant to be revered and be obeyed,

‘Cause His being and His disposition are different from those created beings,

above created beings.

Only God is worthy of reverence and is worthy of submission.

Only God is worthy of reverence and of submission.

2. People who have experienced God’s work and have a true knowledge about Him

all feel reverence toward Him, all feel reverence toward Him.

Those who don’t let go of their notions about God,

those who do not regard Him as God,

do not at all have any reverence to Him,

aren’t conquered though they follow Him.

They are disobedient by their nature.

God’s doing such work is to achieve this:

All created beings have a heart of reverence for the Creator.

All of them can worship God, submit to His dominion completely.

This is what all His work will achieve finally.

This is what He’s going to achieve.

from “The Work of God and the Work of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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