Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

Walk with God | Short Film “Marching on the Path of Loving God”

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Yang Mingguang, male, 38 years old, from Yulia City, Shannxi Province, a Christian of the Church of Almighty God. He believed in Jesus with his parents from childhood. When he grew up, he was very zealous to work and preach for the Lord. After he accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, he was more active to spread the kingdom gospel. Over the years of his believing in God, he was threatened and persecuted by the CCP government many times, and even suffered its cruel torture and imprisonment….When he was suffering the frenzied afflictions, God inspired and led him with His words and gave him faith and strength, so that he saw God’s almightiness and sovereignty and His limitless care for him. Because of God’s keeping, the cruel persecution didn’t weaken his faith of following God or change his willpower and pursuit, but made him see clearly the savage and evil substance of the CCP devils and have the true hatred of them. He resolved to consecrate his whole life to God and swore to forever love Him and be faithful to Him in any circumstances.


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