Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film “Guard”

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After experiencing Almighty God’s end-time work for several years, she confirmed in her heart that only the returned Jesus—Almighty God can bring man the true human life and bestow to man the way of eternal life. So, she took the initiative to live the church life and perform duty, and pursued to understand more truths. … However, just when she was following God and walking on the right way of human life of pursuing the truth with great confidence, the CCP’s lackeys frenziedly arrested her and brutally tortured her and even illegally imprisoned her in the labor camp. … In the affliction and tribulation, it was Almighty God who accompanied her all the time and inspired and guided her especially, making her strong and persevering in the devil’s tortures. Relying on the faith given by God, she overcame satan’s temptations and persecutions time and again. … God’s love never left or forsook her and it further strengthened her faith and resolution to pursue to love God in her life. …


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