Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

The Hymn of Life Experience “The Only True God Has Appeared in the Flesh”

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The Only True God Has Appeared in the Flesh

Here comes an earth-shaking thunderclap (an earth-shaking thunderclap).
The only true God has appeared (has appeared)!
It’s the Holy Spirit’s personal utterance, the Holy Spirit’s testimony, like the thunder pealing from heaven.
It’s true that God has appeared in the flesh, the Savior has returned with clouds.
We have seen He has come back. This is our greatest blessing. Amen!

The churches have started the kingdom exercise (the kingdom exercise),
obeying God’s own work (God’s own work).
This is a golden opportunity, a golden opportunity for us to be saved.
We have been taken up to the throne.
Living in the light of today, the more we eat and drink God’s word, the more reality we have.
With our continuous practical exercise, the church life has appeared, appeared. Amen!

Practical God, we’re willing to care for Your will (Your will).
You are seeking cooperators with You (cooperators with You).
We will devote for You, spend for You, and march on caring for Your burden.
The future of kingdom is infinitely bright, an incomparably enjoyable life in the light.
Our God has gained glory here. God’s kingdom has appeared on earth. Amen!


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