Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

The government has labeled the “Eastern Lightning” as an illegal cult. This crackdown is severe now. You can’t believe any more, or you’ll be asking for trouble.

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The CCP are atheists. No one opposes God or hates the truth more than them. They’ve designated all churches and groups that believe in the true God as illegal cults. Also, they’ve openly labeled the Bible as a cult book. This is public knowledge. Besides, we’ve suffered so much persecution over the years, just for believing in Jesus. Many preachers and Christians have been tortured to death or jailed. That’s not enough? How can man still believe the government’s rumors? How should a good religion be distinguished from cults? A party or an individual shouldn’t decide that at will. And neither should a country or a constitution. A good religion is positive and benefits mankind. But cults are negative things. They corrupt mankind. If people want to know if it’s a good religion or a cult, they should look at whether it’s positive or negative. If it comes from God or God’s work, a church like that is the true way, a good religion. And what comes from Satan or the work of evil spirits are evil cults. The CCP is a satanic regime. It opposes God and hates the truth the most. The CCP is the real cult. They aren’t qualified to comment on faith, much less qualified to condemn any groups or churches that believe in God.

This satanic CCP regime suppresses the “Eastern Lightning” most severely and wildly. It just goes to show they fear most the truth and hate God the most. For all these years, house churches and underground churches in this country have always been condemned, persecuted and hunted down. Should we deny that Lord Jesus is the true God and the true way because of this? We’ve held our faith in God for years. Can’t we see it? The CCP distorts the facts and confuses black with white all along. That’s the very essence of Satan! Can we still not tell the difference between a cult and a good religion? Those that believe in the true God are good religions. Believing in false gods, Satan the devil or evil spirits, that’s what cults do. Cults advocate atheism, the theory of evolution and other such heresies and fallacies, all which deny and resist God. Right now, the CCP persecutes and attacks the “Eastern Lightning” most. The whole world sees clearly what’s going on. If one can really hold some discernment, then by looking at Satan’s regime—what it opposes most and what it hates most, he will ascertain where the true way is. The CCP hates the truth most. They fear most people accepting the truth. That’s why they resist God so ferociously. In the last days, only Almighty God expresses the truth and saves man. It’s Almighty God alone who does the work of saving and purifying mankind. Isn’t it a fact beyond doubt? From this, we can see why the CCP hates the Church of Almighty God and resists God so fiercely. All who wait for the Lord’s appearance should look around with open eyes and see who does the work of judgment in the last days!

from the movie script of Break Through the Snare

Source from:  Questions and Answers About Why the True Way Is Persecuted


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