Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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God Is the Pillar of My Life

“You love me, Almighty God! It is your love that has led me until today. Your love has accompanied me through so many sufferings and hardships, and through so many dangers and temptations. It is you who lead me by the hand, caring for and keeping me. … I love you, Almighty God! It is your love that arouses me. Your love gives me enjoyment; your love gives me strength. My heart loves you forever. I don’t care about adversity or blessing, but only seek to satisfy your heart.” (from “God’s Love Is as Deep as the Sea” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs) Whenever I sing this hymn, I will be overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings and full of thanks and love for God in my heart. I’ve followed Almighty God for over ten years. Along the hard and rugged way, I deeply feel that it is really because God’s great love has cared for and kept me that I’ve walked until today.

I was once a leader in the True Jesus Church. At that time, I was very zealous. In order to guard well the Lord’s sheep, I was busy like a top every day. Whenever a brother or sister was passive and weak, I went to visit; when someone had difficulty, I tried my best to help; I also went everywhere to preach. However, the brothers and sisters were still weak, and their love gradually grew cold. Some returned to the world to work and some did business. The church became more and more desolate…. One day, a sister and I went to preach the gospel to her auntie. It happened that two relatives came to her auntie’s home. After learning that they were also believers of the Lord, I chatted with them. Unknowingly I was deeply attracted by their preaching. I had never heard such good preaching. Like a dry seedling receiving rain, my thirsty heart was watered. I also knew the reason why the church became desolate was that we didn’t keep up with the working of the Holy Spirit. But when I heard them say that God was incarnated again and did a new work, I began to doubt, fearing that I might take the wrong way, and even more fearing that I might lead the brothers and sisters astray and couldn’t give an account to the Lord. So I shut the door of my heart tightly. No matter how they fellowshipped, I wouldn’t seek or investigate, and I also insisted on leaving. They pled me to stay again and again, prayed for me in tears many times, advised me to investigate carefully, and fellowshipped with me for ten whole days with great love and patience. Though I was tough in the mouth, I admired them secretly in my heart. I had never seen that any brother or sister in our denomination had such love and such living out. I simply couldn’t do it. After that, they read many words of God to me. The more I listened, the more I felt that those words were good and couldn’t be spoken by man. The Holy Spirit also doubly moved me within: This is God’s word, and I should seek and investigate! Later, through fellowshipping with the brothers and sisters again, I firmly believed that these words were the personal utterance of the Creator, and was certain that Almighty God is the returned Jesus. In the church life that followed, the brothers and sisters loved each other and were frank with each other. We enjoyed God’s word together, and our joy couldn’t be expressed in words. I was full of gratitude to God in my heart. To repay God’s grace of salvation, I began to perform duty in the church. Just when I pursued the truth with full confidence and performed duty zealously, I was arrested and persecuted by the CCP government. When I recall that painful experience, it seems as if it happened yesterday and every bit of it is still fresh in my mind. Facing the ferocious devils, I was once timid and weak. It was God’s word that comforted my sorrowful heart time and again, gave me faith and strength, became the pillar of my life, and led me to overcome the siege of satan….

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