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Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “Do You Wish to Know the Root of Why the Pharisees Opposed Jesus?”

Do You Wish to Know the Root of Why the Pharisees Opposed Jesus?

Do you wanna know why the Pharisees opposed Jesus?
Do you wanna know what their substance is?
They were full of fantasies about the Messiah,
only believing in His coming, not seeking truth of life till today.
They’re still waiting for Him, still not knowing the way of truth or life.

Do you wanna know why these silly folk didn’t gain God’s blessing?
Do you wonder how they failed to behold the Messiah?
They opposed Jesus, not knowing He spoke the way of truth,
didn’t understand the Messiah or the Holy Spirit’s work, never seen or been with Him.
They paid empty tributes to His name and all the price to resist Him. Continue reading


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Eastern Lightning | Since the Lord Jesus and Almighty God are one God, can’t I also be saved by believing in Jesus?

  The answer from God’s word:

  “To man, God’s crucifixion concluded the work of God’s incarnation, redeemed all of mankind, and allowed Him to seize the key to Hades. Everyone thinks God’s work has been fully accomplished. In actuality, to God, only a small part of His work has been accomplished. He has only redeemed mankind; He has not conquered mankind, let alone changed the ugliness of Satan in man. That is why God says, ‘Although My incarnate flesh went through the pain of death, that was not the whole goal of My incarnation. Jesus is My beloved Son and was nailed to the cross for Me, but He did not fully conclude My work. He only did a portion of it.’ Thus God began the second round of plans to continue the work of the incarnation. God’s ultimate intention is to perfect and gain everyone rescued from Satan’s hands, which is why God prepared again to risk dangers to come into flesh.” Continue reading