Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Eastern Lightning | In the past, I have resisted and condemned the work of Almighty God so much and have even said words of blasphemy. Will God still save me?

  The answer from God’s word:

  “During the time God is doing the work of salvation, He will do all He can to save all those who can be saved and will not cast off any one of them, because the purpose of His work is to save man. All those who are not transformed in their disposition and all those who fail to become completely obedient to God while God is saving man are the ones to be punished. This stage of work of the word discloses to people all the ways and mysteries they do not understand, so that they all can understand God’s will and understand God’s requirements for man, and thus be enabled to practice God’s word and be transformed in their disposition. God only does the work with the word, and He does not punish people for their little disobedience, because now is the time He is doing the work of salvation. Continue reading


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Eastern Lightning | Offer the True Heart to God | Official Trailer “Rise Up in the Dark Oppression”

He is an ordinary Christian. During the years of his following Jesus Christ, he was persecuted and restricted by the CCP government. Later, he fortunately accepted the end-time salvation of the returned Lord Jesus—Almighty God, but was persecuted more cruelly by the Chinese government. In order to force him to betray God and sell out the brothers and sisters, the lackeys of the CCP hung him to a tree for three days and nights, and put many ants on his body. Being gnawed by the ants, he felt worse than death. Just when he was dying and couldn’t bear any more, he prayed to God to take his soul, and made a resolution that he would rather die than betray God. … An unexpected miracle happened. His soul went out of his body. He was taken to travel in a most beautiful world. Seeing that the heavens and the earth and all things were praising Almighty God, his heart was incomparably joyful, and the pain in his flesh disappeared. Under the cruel tortures of satan, it was God’s word that gave him strength, strengthened his faith, and made him rise from the dead, and stand a strong and resounding testimony under the oppression of the power of darkness! Continue reading