Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Christian gospel music | “Corrupt Mankind Needs the Salvation of God Incarnate”


God became flesh ’cause the object of His work
is not the spirit of Satan, nor anything not, not of flesh, but man.
Man’s flesh was corrupted by Satan and so became the object of God’s work.
The place of God’s salvation is man, is man.
Man is a mortal being, only flesh and blood,
and God alone can save him.
God must take on man’s flesh, and all that man is,
in order to do His work, to achieve the best result.
God must take on flesh, because man is flesh, who cannot overcome sin.
God must take on flesh, because man is flesh,
who cannot free himself from the bondage of the flesh.

Satan has corrupted the flesh of man,
who is deeply harmed and who’s blinded.
And the reason God comes, the reason He comes in flesh
is because man is the object of His salvation,
and Satan disturbs God’s work by using the flesh, the flesh of man, of man.
God battles Satan by conquering man, yet saves man at the same time.
In this way God Himself must become incarnate,
in order to do His work, in order to do His work.
Satan has corrupted flesh,
it’s indwelt man’s flesh and God has to defeat him.
To battle with Satan and save man,
God must come to earth and become flesh. It’s a real work. Continue reading