Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Eastern Lightning|The Testimony of a Christian | The Supernaturalness and Greatness of God’s Life Power

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Lin Ling    Shandong Province

  I was born in a poor peasant family. Because my family didn’t have power or influence, I was looked down upon and often bullied by others from my childhood. At such times, I felt especially aggrieved and distressed and expected from my heart that a savior could come to change my destiny. After marriage, my life was tough and my child often got ill, so a neighbor preached Jesus to me. Learning that the Lord Jesus could save those who suffered hardships and afflictions from the sea of misery, I was very excited in my heart, feeling that I finally found the savior. From then on, I believed in Jesus and was very zealous, often going to different places to attend meetings and listen to preachings. Later, however, I found that the church became more and more desolate and the phenomenon of jealousy and strife and scheming against one another became more and more serious, which was no better than the world. I was very disappointed and my faith grew cold gradually, and I didn’t attend meetings any more.

  In 2000, a sister preached to me the gospel of Almighty God’s end-time work. When I knew that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, I was happy beyond expression. Every day when I had time, I would hold God’s word and read it thirstily. God’s earnest words warmed and comforted me, so that I felt the Creator’s care, love, and salvation for me and my thirsty heart received nourishment and supply. Henceforth, I lived in the Church of Almighty God, this big family, having meetings and performing duty with the brothers and sisters. We all did our utmost to pursue the truth and pursue to live out the likeness of a man under the watering and supply of Almighty God’s word. The brothers and sisters loved and helped one another and had no intrigue, deception, or discrimination against the poor and in favor of the rich, much less bullying and suppression. In the Church of Almighty God, I found the dignity and integrity of being a man and truly enjoyed the happiness and pleasure I had never had. However, because of believing in Almighty God, I was arrested and cruelly tortured by the CCP government and was imprisoned for one year. In the devil’s dark den, it was Almighty God’s word that gave me faith and strength and led me to overcome satan step by step and transcend the bondage of death…. Continue reading