Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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God’s word | The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of Satan

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  How do you grasp the specifics in spirit? How does the Holy Spirit work in man? How does Satan work in man? How do evil spirits work in man? And what are the manifestations of this work? When something happens to you, does it come from the Holy Spirit, and should you obey it, or reject it? People’s actual practice gives rise to much that is of human will yet which people always believe to come from the Holy Spirit. Some comes from evil spirits, yet still people think it is born of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes the Holy Spirit guides people from within, yet people believe such guidance comes from Satan, and do not dare to obey, when in reality it is the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Thus, without differentiation there is no way to experience when such experiences are actually happening to you, and without differentiation, there is no way of gaining life. How does the Holy Spirit work? How do evil spirits work? What comes from the will of man? And what is born of the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit? If you grasp the rules of the Holy Spirit’s work within man, then you will be able to grow your knowledge and differentiate in your daily lives and during your actual experiences; you will come to know God, you will be able to understand Satan, you will not be confused in your obedience or pursuit, and you will be someone whose thoughts are clear, and who obeys the work of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading