Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Eastern Lightning | God’s word | It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition

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      There are many things I hope for you to achieve. However, your actions and all your lives are unable to meet My demands entirely, so I have no choice but to come straight to the point and explain to you My will. Given that your discernment is poor and your appreciation is likewise poor, you are almost utterly ignorant of My disposition as well as of My substance, and thus it is a matter of urgency that I inform you about them. No matter how much you previously understood or whether you are willing to try to understand these issues, I must still explain them to you in detail. These issues are not entirely foreign to you, but you do not seem to understand or to be familiar with the meaning contained in them. Many of you have only a dim understanding, and what’s more a partial and incomplete one at that. In order to help you better practice the truth, that is, to better put My words into practice, I think it is these issues that you must first come to know. Otherwise, your faith will remain vague, hypocritical, and filled with the trappings of religion. If you do not understand the disposition of God, then it will be impossible for you to do the work you should do for Him. If you do not know the substance of God, then it will be impossible for you to show Him reverence and fear, but instead only heedless perfunctoriness and prevarication, and moreover, incorrigible blasphemy. Although understanding God’s disposition is indeed important and knowing God’s substance must not be slighted, no one has ever thoroughly examined or delved into these issues. It is plain to see that you have all dismissed the administrative decrees I have promulgated. If you do not understand the disposition of God, then you will easily offend His disposition. Such an offense is tantamount to enraging God Himself, and the ultimate fruit of your action becomes a transgression against the administrative decrees. Now you should realize that understanding God’s disposition comes with knowing His substance, and that along with understanding God’s disposition comes understanding the administrative decrees. Certainly, many of the administrative decrees touch upon the disposition of God, but His disposition has not been expressed in its entirety within them. Hence you need to go one step further in developing your understanding of God’s disposition. Continue reading