Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Praise Song “Practical God My Heart Belongs to You” | The Church of Almighty God

Who speaks most pleasant word? Nourishes my heart.
Who gives me most beautiful love? Captures my heart.
Who does most wonderful work? Cleanses corruption of man.
Who gives me a great salvation? Brings me before the throne.
Practical God, my beloved, You are in my heart.
Practical God, my beloved, my heart belongs to You.
Who has given me a true life? I see the light again.
Who is my loveliest One? For me to often miss. Continue reading


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A Brief Talk About “The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived”

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        How do you see the vision of the Millennial Kingdom? Some people think about it a lot, and say that the Millennial Kingdom will last for a thousand years on earth, so if the older members of the church are unmarried, do they have to get married? My family has no money, should I start making money? … What is the Millennial Kingdom? Do you know? People are purblind, and suffer a great ordeal. In fact, the Millennial Kingdom has yet to officially arrive. During the stage of making people perfect, the Millennial Kingdom is merely a microcosm; at the time of the Millennial Kingdom spoken of by God, man will have been made perfect. Previously, it was said that people would be like saints and stand firm in the land of Sinim. Only when people are made perfect—when they become the saints spoken of by God—will the Millennial Kingdom have arrived. When God makes people perfect, He purifies them, and the purer they are the more they are made perfect by God. When the impurity, rebelliousness, opposition, and things of the flesh within you are expelled, when you have been purified, then you will be beloved by God (and in other words, you will be a saint); when you have been made perfect by God and become a saint, you will be in the Millennial Kingdom. Now is the Age of Kingdom. In the Age of Millennial Kingdom people will depend on the words of God to live, and all nations will come under God’s name, and all come to read God’s words. At that time some will call by telephone, some will fax … they will use every means to access God’s words, and you, too, will come under God’s words. All this is what happens after people are made perfect. Today, people are made perfect, refined, enlightened, and guided through words; this is the Age of Kingdom, it is the stage of people being made perfect, and it has no connection to the Age of Millennial Kingdom. During the Age of Millennial Kingdom, people will have already been made perfect and the corrupt disposition within them will have been made pure. At that time, the words spoken by God will guide people step by step, and reveal all of the mysteries of God’s work from the time of creation until today, and His words will tell people of God’s actions in every age and every day, how He guides people inside, the work He does in the spiritual realm, and will tell man of the dynamics of the spiritual realm. Only then will it truly be the Age of Word; now is merely a microcosm. If people are not made perfect and purified, they will have no way of living a thousand years on earth, and their flesh will inevitably decay; if people are purified inside, and they are no longer of Satan and the flesh, then they will remain alive on earth. In this stage you are still purblind, and all that you experience is loving God and bearing Him testimony for every day you live on earth. Continue reading