Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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2019 Christian Praise Song “God’s Great Work Has Been Completed” | Praise God for Gaining Glory

Almighty God has appeared in the flesh, expressing truths to save mankind.
We’ve heard the voice of the bridegroom, we’ve been lifted up before God.
We’ve finally attended the Lamb’s feast, entered into the training of the kingdom.
Judgment has begun with the house of God, His disposition has been entirely revealed.
The truth of God’s words conquers us, we fall before God and worship Him.
Our hearts and minds have been fully laid bare by God’s words.
Undergoing God’s trials and refinement, our corrupt dispositions are cleansed.
Through God’s judgment we see His righteousness and holiness.
God’s people are obedient before Him, and are faithful to God to the death.
God has thoroughly defeated Satan, making a group of overcomers.
We who follow Christ of the last days witness to the entire universe:
God’s great work has been completed, He has gained full glory. Continue reading