Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Church Life Brings Such Joy


Brothers and sisters,
we’ve come before God.
Eat and drink His words,
it’s such a joy.
God cares not how deep we see the truth,
He’s pleased by our true words.
We share experience,
what we’ve learned,
support each other,
go forward hand in hand.
We understand the truth,
reflect upon ourselves,
see our corruption, our flaws.
Our prayers are what we feel,
we speak to God from the heart.
The more fellowship on His words,
the more we understand
His words and truth.
We’ve tasted the love of God.
The life of the church
brings such great joy,
and our lives grow step by step.
Kingdom of Christ is truly our home.
Those who love God
will praise Him forever.
All glory be to Almighty God! Continue reading