Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Best Christian Song | God Is With You | “God’s Care Is Always With Mankind”

Christian Hymn | God Is With You | “God’s Care Is Always With Mankind”


God looks over creation, watching, day after day, observing. Humbly He hides Himself, tasting this human life, watching man’s every deed. Who has truly offered themselves to God? Who has ever pursued the truth? Who has taken God earnestly, kept promises made, and followed their duty to God? Who has ever let God dwell inside them? Who has valued God as they would their own life? Who has ever seen His full divine being, or been willing to touch God Himself? When people sink in the waters, God saves them. When they cannot face life, God lifts them and gives them the courage to live again, and gives them a second chance. So they will take Him as their foundation. When they disobey, God takes this chance to let them know Him. Continue reading