Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Discerning Rumors and Fallacies to Avoid Being Deceived

In the last days, the Lord Jesus returns to appear and work in the world as the incarnate Almighty God, and to express the truth and perform a stage of work whereby mankind is judged and purified. Many people from all denominations who sincerely believe in the Lord and yearn for His appearance have heard God’s voice and have begun to follow Almighty God. This cannot help but elicit extreme panic from the leaders of the religious world; they fear that the believers will all start believing in Almighty God and will no longer worship or follow them, and so they disseminate all kinds of rumors and fallacies to condemn God’s work of the last days, and they bind and restrict brothers and sisters from seeking and studying the true way. Many brothers and sisters are without discernment, they believe these rumors and outright lies and dare not study the true way. They would rather live floundering in darkness without the work or guidance of the Holy Spirit than go forth to seek the Holy Spirit’s new work. Here, we will fellowship about and dissect some of the rumors and fallacies spread by the religious world, so that every brother and sister who has awaited the coming of the Lord can discern them and thereby avoid being deceived by wicked servants, and not lose God’s salvation of the last days. Here below, we list and dissect some rumors and fallacies that are often heard. Continue reading