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Human Rights Day: Chinese Christians Abroad Express Support for Persecuted Mainland Groups

Seventy years ago as the gunpowder smoke from the Second World War was just dissipating, from the tragic cost exacted by the war people began to reflect and realize the importance of upholding basic rights for humanity. On December 10, 1948, the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishing that everyone is equal in dignity and human rights. In spite of the fact that China signed this U.N. declaration, in practice, the Chinese Communist Party has never implemented a single article, all the while proclaiming China’s human rights and freedom of religion as well as doing its utmost to cover up the truth of its persecution of religious beliefs and violations of human rights in order to deceive the people of the world. On December 10, 2018 at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights across Italy, Christians from The Church of Almighty God, which has been most seriously persecuted by the CCP, expressed their support for all persecuted groups in mainland China.

Recommendation: If the Eastern Lightning is the true way, why has the CCP government consistently engaged in frantic oppression, arrests, and persecution against the Eastern Lightning?


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Christian Feng Aixia’s Account of Her Experience of the CCP’s Cruel Persecution

Feng Aixia accepted Almighty God’s kingdom gospel in 2006. She was arrested by the CCP police when preaching the gospel in 2014. During the interrogation, the police stripped her off, slapped her on the face, beat her with electric batons, pulled one of her hands back over the shoulder and the other hand up along the back before cuffing them together, etc., torturing her in various kinds of ways. In the end, she was detained for fourteen days on the charge of preaching the gospel illegally and disturbing the social order. After her release, unable to bear the threat and control of the CCP, she was forced to leave her home and flee everywhere.


Follow God by the Way of the Cross | Christian Video “Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China”

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Western Scholars vs CCP Representatives at the UN in Geneva About The Church of Almighty God

On March 1, 2018, during the 37th session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, the Coordination of the Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience (CAP LC) organized a Side Event on the denial of religious freedom in China and the case of The Church of Almighty God (CAG). A panel of international scholars and human rights and freedom of religion experts discussed the dramatic situation of the members of The Church of Almighty God both in China, where they are severely persecuted, and in South Korea and Europe, where their requests for asylum are often denied. During the event, there was a debate between the western scholars and CCP representatives of the Chinese delegation…


If the Eastern Lightning is the true way, why has the CCP government consistently engaged in frantic oppression, arrests, and persecution against the Eastern Lightning?

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CHRISTIANS IN CHINA – Jin Yan’s family was chased by the CCP & fled to Korea.

On August 31, 2018, agents assigned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organized some relatives of Christians from The Church of Almighty God (CAG) who had fled to South Korea from China, to hold a press conference at the Jeju Parliament under the pretext of “seeking for relatives.” They strongly requested the Korean authorities to deport the displaced Christians back to China.

Between September 1 and September 4, Ms. O (吴某, Ms. Wu), a pro-Chinese Korean activist, recruited professional demonstrators along with some relatives of CAG Christians to stage false “spontaneous” demonstrations respectively at the CAG communities in Seoul and Chungcheongbuk-do, and before the Blue House, the executive office of the President of South Korea. Continue reading

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The demonstration of September 2
The demonstration of September 2

While Chinese agents, hired thugs and anti-cultists stage false “spontaneous demonstrations” and abuse refugees, hackers launch a massive attack against the Web site of Bitter Winter, obviously trying to prevent its reporting of the events in Korea 

The Church of Almighty God (CAG), the largest Christian new religious movement in China, is banned there by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and subject to a violent persecution, with several instances of torture and extra-judicial killings documented by independent NGOs. Hundreds of its members have escaped to South Korea, where they are seeking asylum.

One month ago, Bitter Winter disclosed a secret CCP document detailing a plan to harass CAG refugees in South Korea, by recruiting with threats and coercion some of their relatives in China and bringing them to Korea to demonstrate, with the help of Korean anti-cultists. On August 31, Bitter Winter reported that the secret plan was being executed. Prepared by incendiary articles by Ms. O Myung-ok (吴明玉), a Korean pro-Chinese anti-cultist, relatives of CAG refugees were taken to South Korea from China together with Chinese agents, while Ms. O recruited anti-cultists from Christian churches. The latter’s number was minimal and, in order to stage credible “spontaneous demonstrations,” Ms. O had to recruit also local thugs who work as “professional demonstrators” for a fee. Continue reading

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Executing a secret plan that Bitter Winter revealed one month ago, the CCP brings to Korea relatives of asylum seekers of The Church of Almighty God and organizes false “spontaneous demonstrations” with the help of pro-Chinese anti-cult activists.

Christian, Human Rights, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Belief, asylum seekers

On August 4, 2018, Bitter Winter published a secret document by the Chinese Communist Party calling for harassment in South Korea of the asylum seekers of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), a Chinese Christian new religious movement heavily persecuted in China. The CCP called for the recruitment of the relatives of the asylum seekers who still live in China, if necessary through threats and coercion, who would then call for the “return home” of the refugees (who obviously would not return “home” but, once in China, will be arrested and will thus “return” to jail). The plan also sought the cooperation of pro-Chinese activists in South Korea and anti-cultists hostile to the CAG. Continue reading

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Eastern Light | Persecution of The Church of Almighty God Was Unveiled at UN. Why CCP Persecutes Religious Beliefs?

On June 19th, during the Thirty-eighth Session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, Mr. Thierry Valle, President of the Coordination of the Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience (CAP LC), on behalf of 7 NGOs, gave an oral statement at the Human Rights Council. This statement calls for attention on the continuous persecution of The Church of Almighty God by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and urges Chinese government to respect religious liberty and stop the persecution of The Church of Almighty God.

More attention :

Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China | “To the Brink and Back”

religious liberty, Religious, Beliefs, human rights, Persecutes Religious

Impression after watching:

The tearful and bloody history of Christians ‘ persecution in China shows us the hard fact and hard proof.
The experience of persecution of Chinese Christians has filmed one after another and every film is a tearful and bloody history that makes people know how the CCP government persecute Christians and their family. The Chronicle of Religious Persecution ” To the Brink and Back” is a short video edited and filmed by our church based on the true experience of Christian, Chen Wenzhong. From the video, we can see the Chinese police arrested his family members, even didn’t let off his 8-year-old son for catching Chen Wenzhong fleeing outside, and as a result, his son couldn’t bear the torture both in body and spirit and ended his young life by hanging …pls. focus on the film and look forward to watching more chronicles of religious persecution.

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Eastern Light | Massimo Introvigne | Part 1 : How Chinese Regime Persecutes Christians—Lies and Violence

As is well known, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power through lies and violence, and it relies on lies and violence to maintain its power. The CCP’s rule is nothing but lies, violence, and murder. The CCP propagates atheism, regarding religion as the spiritual opium of the people. Christians preach the gospel and witness for God to carry out God’s will, but the CCP condemns such righteous deeds as abandoning and breaking up their families, and arrests and imprisons Christians on various false charges. In mainland China, Christians from various house churches, particularly from CAG, suffer brutal oppression and persecution for the sake of their religious belief, some of whom were left disabled or died. Many Christians have gone into exile and were rendered homeless with their families scattered. Countless Christian families have been thus broken! In this episode, we have invited Professor Massimo Introvigne, an Italian scholar of new religious movements, founder and managing director of Center for Studies on New Religions, to talk about why the CCP oppresses and persecutes The Church of Almighty God, whether the CCP’s accusations against The Church of Almighty God are true, and who is the main culprit behind the breakdown of Christian families, and so on. The truth will be uncovered, and the CCP’s cruel and evil essence against God that wins fame through deceiving the public and fights against justice will be exposed. Please stay tuned!

My understanding:

I mean China is a atheistic country, we can’t believe in God in public. The Chinese government don’t let us do it, they arrest many faithful believers. Many bro and sis are jailed, so believing God is not easy for us Chinese Christian.