Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Returning Justice to the Truth

I was formerly an elder of the Local Church. Because I held on to my arrogant and erroneous views and because I was deceived by the rumors, I developed a great hatred for the Almighty God and collected materials to attack the work of God many times. However, God did not remember my monstrous sins, but spared me with his great patience and love and led me onto the right path of human life. Thinking back to what I did in the past, I feel extremely ashamed, regretful, and grieved, and abhor myself for being so conscienceless and treasonous. Even if I dedicate my life today, I cannot repay the almighty true God’s salvation. In order that more brothers and sisters who are deceived by the rumors can turn to the Almighty God as soon as possible, here I am willing to truly “expose” my evil deeds of resisting God, so as to return justice to the truth.

In December 1997, when I was in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, I received a letter from my family unexpectedly. It said, “On the evening of the fourteenth when we were having a meeting, in came old Sister Wang of our church together with several unfamiliar sisters. At first we didn’t know they were of ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ but when they spoke, they showed their true colors. They said that Jesus had already returned on the white cloud, with the name of the Almighty God and as a female. They also said that the Bible was outdated and asked us to read their book, The Word Appears in the Flesh. …” After I read the letter, a wave of anger surged up in my heart. “I have heard that this ‘cult’ is best at deceiving people. If anyone doesn’t believe in their God, they will cut off his ears, gouge out his eyes, or break his legs. I have never thought that this heresy or cult should have been preached to our church today. ‘When a wolf comes, the shepherd has the duty to protect the flock.’ I have to hurry home to seal the church, set it in order, and eliminate the poisonous influences of ‘the Eastern Lightning.’ This is the crucial time the Lord Jesus tests me and is also the time for me to be faithful to him and dedicate my love to him!” Thinking of that, I “devoutly” bowed my head and prayed to Jesus Christ, “O loving Savior! We expect you to come on the white cloud every day, but why does there appear a female christ who comes not on the white cloud? He who comes not on the white cloud is false and is counterfeit. Lord! Curse those people of ‘the Eastern Lightning’ and protect your pure church. …”

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Life Miracles in God | Micro Film “Almighty God Has Given Me the Second Life”

She was a woman badly afflicted with miserable marriages and illness. Because she was unable to have children, her husband abused and abandoned her. In order to survive, make a living, she was forced to marry again. Later, she was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor said that she had only three months to live. When she was dying, once again she was driven out of her house by her husband. Just when she was greatly tormented both physically and mentally, Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon her by chance, and she was miraculously saved from certain death….

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End Time News – “The Days of Noah Have Come” (Disaster and Salvation)

This is a true story. Because of refusing to accept Almighty God’s end-time gospel again and again, Qingping Township of Sichuan Province suffered the overwhelming disaster twice, and disappeared from the earth forever. This is God’s warning to the end-time people, and makes people see the bitter fruits and disasters caused by their rejecting the end-time Christ. … Continue reading

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True Faith | Short Film “The Persecution and Tribulation Made Me Love God More”

Liu Zhen is an ordinary rural old lady, aged 78 years old. Since she accepted the end-time work of Almighty God, she listened to the recital of God’s word every day, and often prayed, had meetings and performed duty with the brothers and sisters. Her life was full of happiness. However, good times didn’t last long. The CCP police arrested and persecuted her because of her believing in God, and threatened and instigated her family to strictly confine and constrain her…. Since then, she lost the church life, lost the supply of God’s word, falling into a plight. She lost her sleep and appetite, spending everyday like a year and suffering agonies of leaving and losing God. In the persecution and tribulation, she prayed earnestly and called to God. Unexpectedly, Almighty God personally made a way out for her: She accidentally dropped into a severe coma, but miraculously regained consciousness after being in a coma for eighteen hours. That wonderful deed of Almighty God not only amazed the people around, but also made her family no longer persecute her. From then on, she regained her freedom and a new lease of life….

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Miracle In Disaster | Gospel Video “God Bless”

People often say, “Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.” Today when the science and technology, transportation, and material life develop fast, people find that the disasters around seem to increase with each passing day. When we read the newspaper or watch TV, what leaps to our eyes mostly are serious or extremely serious natural or man-made disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, social unrests, civil riots, and so on. These disasters happen frequently and their grades also continuously increase. What is left to the places attacked by the disasters is nothing but pain, blood, injury, and death. … These misfortunes happening around us at every moment highlight the transiency and fragility of life. We are unable to predict what disasters we will encounter in future, much less know where to go and what to do in disasters and what mankind should do to change their destiny of being destroyed. However, this issue cannot be avoided by anyone. In the following program, you will find the answer and find the only way by which you can be kept by God and come out from the disasters and be left.…

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Finding the True Way | Short Film “A Choice Without Regret”

Her parents divorced when she was at an early age. Growing up in a broken family and depending on others for living, she felt lonely and helpless. Misfortunes coming upon her one after another, which were big blows to her heart, made her feel the cruelty and desolation of the world. She was confused and frightened about her future. She set her mind on getting into Tsinghua University and use knowledge to change her destiny. … When Almighty God’s salvation came upon her, her life was completely changed. She found her real family, and found the most meaningful and valuable life. So, already admitted by Tsinghua University, she determinedly gave up the opportunity to attend the university, and devoted herself to the work of preaching the kingdom gospel….

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Change of Life | Short Film “The Spiritual Transformation”

She is a public servant. From childhood, she had received the patriotic education and made a resolution to be the people’s good servant when she grew up. However, the cruel reality broke her ideal. To earn a living, she had to go with the flow. She lived in hypocritical socializing all day and began to live a decadent life of luxury and dissipation. She lost herself in reality. … Just when she abandoned herself to vice and was sunk in the depths of it, Almighty God’s salvation came upon her. God’s word gave her confidence and courage to start her life anew, and led her to step onto the right way of human life.