Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Christian Praise Song | “I’ve Finally Beheld God”

Best Christian Songs | “I’ve Finally Beheld God”


I came to Your presence that day, my heart filled with yearnings so deep. While my eyes blurred with tears, Your hand caressed. Grief and sorrow poured out my heart. The past flashed before my eyes; grief and bitterness clashed in sighs. God, I give to You my love. If never I beheld You, what would tomorrow bring? How You saved and nurtured me, through long suffering. You’re the One that I run to, You’re the place that I can hide. With You I’m never alone, You’re here by my side. With You I’m never alone, You’re here by my side. Continue reading


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Christian song | My Life Is Free and Released

My heart is flying out, is flying out.
I will repay God’s love, passive no more.
Once I misread God’s will and ignored Him.
But now I’ve seen that God is waiting for my love.
I’ll try hard to satisfy God, and let Him gain my heart.
Look, all flowers are in bloom everywhere; and music is ringing in my mind.
I’ll try hard to satisfy God, and let Him gain my heart.
Look, all flowers are in bloom everywhere; and music is ringing in my mind.
I sing out my heart’s love for God. Continue reading

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Christian Worship Song | “God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth” | Praise God Forever

Gospel Music Videos | “God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth”

God is practical in men’s heart, when He is on earth. In heaven, God is the Ruler of all creatures. Once God traveled over mountains and waters, softly He has ever strolled among the human race. Who dare resist in public the practical God Himself? Who dare get out of the Almighty’s rule? Who dare say God is in heaven beyond doubt? And who dare say God is sure on earth? No man can say for sure where God really is. No man can say for sure where God is. Continue reading

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Christian song | Emulate the Lord Jesus

Jesus completed God’s mission,
the redemption work of all man
by giving His cares to God’s will,
without selfish purpose or plans.
At the center He placed God’s plan.
To heavenly Father He prayed,
seeking heavenly Father’s will.
He would seek and He’d always pray.
If like Jesus you give all your cares to God
and turn your back to flesh,
God will trust you with vital tasks
to enable you to serve Him. Continue reading

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English Christian Song “God’s Love Has Melted My Heart”

Hearing Your kind call, I return before You.
Your words enlighten, I see my corruption.
I’ve often been cold to You, hurt and saddened You,
hard-hearted, rebelled, left You alone.
Why is Your love for man repaid with pain?
I hate my hard heart and my deep corruption.
Filthy, unworthy to see You, of Your love.
I am such a rebellious person,
how could I know Your heart, see Your love?
Your love is so real, I owe You so much.
You keep me company when I’m chastised.
Your heart aches with love when I’m refined.
When I’m sad, You’re there. What I lack, You give.
Facing Your love, my heart wants to break.
Your love has melted my frozen heart,
and now I have had a change of heart. Continue reading

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Christian Music Video | Start a New Life | “I Have Seen God’s Loveliness”

I hear a voice familiar calling me now and then.
Awakened and look to see, who is there speaking.
His voice is soft but stern, His image beautiful!
Suffer smite and endure great pain, caressed by His loving hand.
Then I realize it’s the Almighty with whom I fought.
Hate myself, with great regret, think of what I did.
Deeply corrupted, no humanity, now I see the truth.
With a new start, pursue a real life, fulfill my duty.
For status, compete with God, I am ignoble.
God is still God, man is just man—I am so ignorant.
Too foolish and too proud to know my true self.
I was shameless and embarrassed; my heart fills with regret.
I hate myself, unaware of for what I should live.
Devil trampled me so many years, contemptible I became.
Poisoned by the evil one, humanity is lost.
If not changed and not reborn, I have no true life. Continue reading

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Wonderful Actions of God “The Great Red Dragon Collapses as God’s People Grow”

When the people have all been made complete,
and all nations are Christ’s kingdom, the seven thunders will peal.
Today’s a stride towards that stage. The charge has been unleashed.
This is God’s plan. It will soon be realized.

To carry out God’s plan successfully,
heaven’s angels have descended on earth.
God in flesh is also on the battlefield, waging war against the enemy.
What God’s said is what He’s done.
Thus, nations are just castles in the sand, trembling as the high tide nears.
The last day’s imminent.
The great red dragon will topple under God’s word.
Wherever the incarnation appears, the enemy is destroyed.
China’s annihilation will be the first.
It will be laid waste by the hand of God.
Proof of the great red dragon’s collapse
is seen in the maturation of the people.
It’s a sign of the enemy’s demise.
This is what it means to “do battle,” to do battle. Continue reading

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Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music Video 2018 “Where Is My Home” (Heart-touching Theme Song)

With my tiny paper and brush, I paint a little house.
Momma’s inside the house, Daddy is inside too.
My sister and I are playing in the sunlight.
We all feel warm as the sun shines on us.
Momma is smiling, Daddy smiles too.
Sisters are grinning, we are all beaming.
This is my family here, painted on my paper.
A picture in my dreams. It is all in my dreams. Continue reading