Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Church Life Brings Such Joy


Brothers and sisters,
we’ve come before God.
Eat and drink His words,
it’s such a joy.
God cares not how deep we see the truth,
He’s pleased by our true words.
We share experience,
what we’ve learned,
support each other,
go forward hand in hand.
We understand the truth,
reflect upon ourselves,
see our corruption, our flaws.
Our prayers are what we feel,
we speak to God from the heart.
The more fellowship on His words,
the more we understand
His words and truth.
We’ve tasted the love of God.
The life of the church
brings such great joy,
and our lives grow step by step.
Kingdom of Christ is truly our home.
Those who love God
will praise Him forever.
All glory be to Almighty God! Continue reading

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A Hymn of God’s Words | We Have Entered Onto the Right Path of Life



Verse 1
No one knows what setbacks
life is going to give them,
or what kind of refinement
they will be subject to.
For some it’s in their work,
for some their future prospects,
or the family they were born in,
or it’s in their marriage. Continue reading

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Hymn of God’s | Words The Most Meaningful Life



As a created being,
you should worship God.
As a created being,
you must pursue
the most meaningful life.
You are people
who pursue the right path.
You are people who seek progress.
You are people who rise up
in the nation of the great red dragon.
You are people
whom God calls righteous.
Isn’t that the most meaningful life,
the most meaningful life? Continue reading

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Church Hymn | Praise the Completion of God’s Great Work

Praise the Completion of God's Great Work


In the final days, Christ uses
the word to judge all of mankind,
and the Age of the Kingdom
has been started.
All things are now being renewed
by the words God speaks.
Everything is made beautiful and new.
Everything is now revived,
changed, restored, renewed.
We sing praises to God as we rejoice.
The heavens surge with
our songs and our voice.
Oh, praise Him! Oh, shout it and sing!
God’s people all overflow with
praises for God. Continue reading

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Hymn of God’s Words | You Have Gained So Much Because of Faith

God's Words, faith, Best Praise Song, God, Hymn

Hymn of God’s Words | You Have Gained So Much Because of Faith

It’s in the course of judgment,
you see where God’s creations end up,
the Creator’s to be loved.
It’s in the conquering work,
you fully understand human life,
and you see the arms of God. Continue reading

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Hymn of God’s Words | Blessed Are Those Who Accept the New Work

the Holy Spirit, work of God, God's voice, Best Praise Song , God

All who obey the words now spoken
by the Holy Spirit are so blessed.
It doesn’t matter how they used to be,
or how the Holy Spirit worked in them.
Those who’ve gained
His most recent work are most blessed.
Those who are unable to are eliminated.
Now this group of people,
who’ve accepted God’s newest work,
have been predestined before the ages
and are the most blessed of all.
You hear God’s voice directly,
you behold His appearance.
So in heaven, earth,
and through the ages,
none have been more blessed than you. Continue reading

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Hymn of God’s Words | Seek to Love God No Matter How Great Your Suffering

God's will, Best Praise Song , testimony, faith, God's Words

Hymn of God’s Words | Seek to Love God No Matter How Great Your Suffering


The faithful in China face so much
persecution and hardship.
Most people
don’t understand God’s will,
thinking suffering is valueless:
They’re oppressed for their faith,
rejected by the world,
their homes are troubled too,
their future all too bleak,
all too bleak.
The suffering of some
becomes too much,
so much that they want to die.
How does this show
a God-loving heart?
People like this are worthless!
They cannot persevere,
they have no stamina.
They’re weak and feeble too,
and they are powerless.
You must see clearly that
God cleanses you by refining you.
So your testimony
you must bear always
during the last days.
No matter how you’re suffering,
as long as you are still breathing,
stay true to God, bow to His hand.
This is true love for God,
a strong testimony. Continue reading

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Christian song | God’s Authority Is Everywhere




God’s authority exists

in all situations.

God dictates and arranges

every human fate,

all things in accordance with

His thoughts and His wishes,

and it will not alter for human change.

It is independent of man’s will.

It cannot be altered

by any changes in time,

or space, or change of geography.

For God’s authority

is His very substance.

God’s authority is unique to Him,

and it’s not restricted or ever limited

by any people, or any place,

not by anything or any space.

God’s authority is everywhere,

at every hour and every instant.

Though heaven and earth may pass away,

God’s authority is here to stay. Continue reading