Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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I Was Conquered by Almighty God’s Word During My Resisting Him


I was formerly a key co-worker of the Justification by Faith Church, and I lived in Shuangyashan City. In 1992, I turned to the Lord Jesus because of my wife’s long-term illness. Not long afterward, my wife gradually grew better, and a year later she recovered. To repay the Lord’s love, my wife and I pursued hard, and we never lagged behind in attending meetings and preaching the gospel. Later, I was assigned by our church to work in other places and support the churches there all year round. At that time, I was full of enthusiasm and felt that believing in the Lord was the most meaningful thing and at no time would I leave the Lord.

In 1998, without knowing why, the brothers and sisters in the churches were not eager to attend meetings anymore. Some returned to the world to make money; some were plagued by their family and turned away from the Lord. I also felt depressed in spirit, and neither my love nor faith could compare with before. However, as a preacher, I couldn’t show my weakness before the brothers and sisters, so I had to force myself to grin and bear it.

Right at that time, Sister Zhang, a co-worker in Jiamusi area, told us, “Now there appears a sect called ‘Eastern Lightning.’ They are very dangerous. As long as you get in touch with them, you will be deceived. These people are extremely brutal. If you refuse to accept their way, they will gouge out your eyes, cut off your nose, and then throw you in the wilderness. They are preaching another gospel by a different name from Jesus. It is purely a false christ….” At this, I began to hate “Eastern Lightning” from the depth of my heart. I cursed the people of “Eastern Lightning” every day in my prayers, asking the Lord to punish them and wipe them out quickly lest the brothers and sisters who believed in Jesus be deceived. Because of the matter of resisting “Eastern Lightning,” I, a person who had been weak for a long time, seemed to be suddenly injected with stimulants and began to be busy again. I thought to myself, “It’s time for me to be faithful to the Lord. This time I’ll definitely give an excellent account of myself.” So, I preached that “Eastern Lightning” was a heresy and an evil spirit on and off the platform and also closed the churches everywhere to outsiders. Whenever I heard that there were people of “Eastern Lightning” somewhere, I would run there at all costs and drive them away. Besides, I often tailed them like a plainclothesman. Continue reading

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The Conversion of a Son of Disobedience

In the fall of 1996, I accepted the Lord Jesus in the True Jesus Church. Later, I became a preacher, responsible for shepherding over thirty churches in my parish.

At a co-worker meeting in 1999, Elder Li from Shenyang said to us, “In recent years, there has arisen a sect called ‘Eastern Lightning.’ They preach that the Lord has been incarnated the second time, even as a female. They grow so rapidly in number that nothing can stand in their way. Whoever believes in Jesus is a target hunted by them. They belong to an underworld organization. In order to convert a believer in the Lord, they either seduce him with beauty and buy him off with money or threaten him with violence. If he refuses to obey them, they will break his arms or legs, or cut off his nose or ears. Many elders, deacons, and believers of our denomination have been taken captive by them. Now they have come to Changtu area, so you must take stringent precautions and keep a good watch over the flock lest any brother or sister be taken captive by them. …” I did not doubt about his words at all. From then on, whichever church I went to, I wantonly spread the elder’s words and even made up the rumor: “This gang of people of ‘Eastern Lightning’ are promiscuous, extremely filthy.” In order to better prevent the brothers and sisters from being converted to “Eastern Lightning,” I personally taught them in detail how to guard against and resist it.

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Why are the “Eastern Lightning” opposed and condemned by the religious world?

God has become flesh twice to personally carry out His work on earth to save man, yet each time He meets with strong resistance and condemnation and frenzied persecution from the religious leaders. The facts are shocking and puzzling: Why is God treated this way whenever He carries out a new stage of work? Why are the most frenzied and rampant resisters of God the leaders who know the Bible well and who have served the Lord for years? Why do they, the most faithful and obedient ones to God in their own eyes, always carry out misdeeds and go contrary to God, unable to be compatible with Him? Could it be that God’s work is an error? Could it be that what God does is unsatisfactory? Absolutely not! The main reason all denominations and sects act out a role of resisting God and become God’s enemies is this: On the one hand, they have no truth and have no knowledge of the work of the Holy Spirit or knowledge of God, and they always use their limited theological theories and knowledge as well as their conceptions and imaginations to restrict God’s work that is always new and never old. On the other hand, men are so deeply corrupted by Satan that they are all arrogant and haughty by nature, are unsubmissive to the truth, and particularly value position. These two aspects together have led to the tragedy of the true way being rejected and condemned again and again in human history.

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Why does the “Eastern Lightning” spread so fast and unstoppably despite being guarded against by all people?

Christ of the last days has carried out His work in Mainland China for about 20 years, which has shaken all denominations and sects. There is a question greatly puzzling the religious world: Now almost every Christian denomination is violently condemning and attacking the “Eastern Lightning,” and they spare no human, material, and financial resources and resort various means to publicize how to guard against and shut out the Eastern Lightning, and even join hands with the CCP in arresting and persecuting Almighty God and the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God. But why do more and more believers accept and follow Almighty God under such great oppression and opposition? Why do those who have good humanity and used to have a sincere belief in the Lord have followed Almighty God unwaveringly despite the rejection from their relatives and the danger of imprisonment? Why is it that the Eastern Lightning is so overwhelming that it cannot be crippled or broken up by any forces but instead grows rapidly like a bamboo shoot after a spring rain?


Why does the “Eastern Lightning” spread so fast and unstoppably despite being guarded against by all people?

Actually, all those religious people who are familiar with the Bible ignore a very important truth: If it is from God, it must thrive; if it is from man, it will perish. Consider this: If He were not the only true God appearing personally, who could break through all of the hindrance, resistance, and persecution like the walls of copper and steel? If the Holy Spirit did not work and lead, who could have the authority and power to make all peoples stream to the mountain and all denominations become one? If He were not the appearance of the only true God, who could bring the truth and enable people to know God? Who could show people the way of salvation? Who could judge and conquer mankind? Those in all denominations and sects never expect that Almighty God whom they boldly condemn, resist, and persecute is exactly the returned Lord Jesus they have been anxiously longing for.

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