Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Only God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Waking Up in Afflictions”

He is Li Cheng. He was once a member of the CCP and the head of a township enterprise. Due to the needs of his work, he often came into contact with many CCP officials and saw their true face of exploiting people and being wicked and corrupt. So, he was quite disappointed in the government. After accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days, he preached the gospel fervently and soon became a local “notable.” Many people “warned” him that he would get into trouble if he believed in God. But he didn’t see through the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God. One day in March 2002, the captain of the Public Security Division and six policemen broke into his house and arrested him. They took him to the criminal police department of the Public Security Bureau and interrogated him by cruel tortures. During that time, the evil policemen beat him, hung him to the windows, and even threatened him by using his family affection. The three days and nights of “wheel combat” threw him into passivity and misery, but God’s warm words encouraged, comforted, and guided him time and again, so that he made a firm resolution and bore witness to God. His experience of the cruel tortures and the one and a half years of hard labor made him see clearly the CCP’s reactionary substance of being hostile to God, and understand more clearly God’s almightiness and wisdom in making use of Satan to serve His purpose of perfecting His chosen people.

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God’s Love Helps Me Discern from Good and Evil | Short Film “Love and Hate”

Since childhood, he was full of admiration for soldiers and policemen and dreamed of upholding justice and suppressing the evil and pacifying the good in military uniform. Later, because of believing in Almighty God, he met with the cruel persecution from the CCP government. In his agony, the word of Almighty God brought him life power and saved him back from the edge of death. … He personally experienced the devil’s torture and God’s salvation. Between darkness and light, evil and good, he was finally clear about the CCP government’s devilish substance of resisting God. Also, he truly knew that only following and worshiping God is the true right way of life, and he was determined to walk this way consistently. …