Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Eastern Lightning| Arrogance and Conceit Has Become a Stumbling Block to My Seeking the Truth

Zhang Xiaobo

Qing’an County, Heilongjiang Province

  I was formerly a dedicated team co-worker of the Wilderness Church in Qing’an County, Heilongjiang Province. In 1994, I believed in the Lord through grace. Inspired by the Lord’s love, I pursued very hard, and several months later, I began to preach. Only one year later, I began to formally lead the brothers’ meeting and the youth meeting. From then on, I studied the Bible even harder, and I gave up my prosperous business to dedicate and expend myself for the Lord with all my heart and strength. As time went by, all these became my capital for pride. I became more and more arrogant and self-contained, smugly believing that I was the one with whom God is most pleased. Continue reading

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How Much Do You Know About Christmas

How Much Do You Know About Christmas

Every Christmas tree was decorated with twinkling illuminations; the adults were busy preparing for Christmas party; children happily exchanged Christmas gifts with each other…. The whole city is rife with Christmas atmosphere, and all people are enjoying the happiness brought by Christmas. The cheerful atmosphere also makes me feel better. And at the same time, I feel a little curious: Where does Christmas come from?

One of my good friends is a Christian. While we were chatting,SD I asked her about the origin of Christmas, and she told me, “Christmas is celebrated in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ who became the Son of man on earth and redeemed all mankind. At the beginning, Jehovah God set forth laws and commandments in the Age of Law. Then as man was corrupted by Satan and became eviler, they could not keep the laws and would be condemned to death at any time because of offending the laws. God couldn’t bear seeing the mankind He personally created perish this way. Therefore, in order to enable man to live on, God became flesh, did His work on earth, and finally accomplished the work of crucifixion and redeemed all mankind. As a result, those who believe in Him received the sin offering andwere forgiven of their sins as long as they pray to God. Just as the Bible says, ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’ (John 3:16)” Hearing her words, I couldn’t help sighing with emotion, “So there is such a great story behind Christmas!”

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In the Devil’s Dark Prison, I Was Accompanied by God’s Love

Yang Yi    Jiangsu Province

I’m a Christian in the Church of Almighty God. I’ve followed Almighty God for more than ten years. In the years of my following God, what is the most unforgettable is the great tribulation of my being arrested by the vicious police of the CCP ten years ago. In that tribulation, I was greatly afflicted and trampled by the devils and my life was at stake and death was imminent many times, but Almighty God led and kept me with his mighty hand, so that I was brought back to life and got safely out of danger…. It made me truly taste the supernaturalness and greatness of God’s life power and gain the precious wealth of life God bestowed to me.

It was January 23, 2004 (Lunar January 2). A sister in the church badly needed help because of difficulty in life, so I must go and visit her. As the journey was long, I had to get up early or I couldn’t make a round trip. When it was just dawning, I went out. The pedestrians on the road were very few and there were only cleaners sweeping the garbage on the street. I was anxious, but no taxi could be seen in the street. So I walked to a stop at the roadside waiting for one. Seeing a car coming from afar, I went up and stopped it. Unexpectedly, it was a car from the Environmental Protection Bureau. The men in the car asked me what I stopped the car for. I said, “Sorry, I made a mistake.” They said, “We suspect you are one posting up illegal ads.” I asked, “Did you see that? Where’re the illegal ads I posted up?” Without allowing me to explain, the three of them rushed forward and forcibly searched my handbag. They took out everything including a copy of an article of fellowship and preaching, a notebook, a purse with cash in it, a mobile phone, a pager out of service, and so on, looking for the illegal ads. Then, they took the article of fellowship and preaching and the notebook and looked through them carefully. Seeing no illegal ads in my handbag, they held the article of fellowship and preaching and said to me, “You aren’t one posting up illegal ads, but you’re a believer in Almighty God.” Then, they phoned the National Security Team specially taking charge of religion. After a short time, four men from the National Security Team came. Seeing the things in my handbag, they immediately knew that I was a believer in Almighty God. Before I could explain, they stuffed me into the car and then locked the doors, for fear that I might jump off the car to escape.

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