Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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English Christian Video “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” (2018 Crosstalk)

Christian Short Film “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” (2018 Crosstalk)


In the name of public safety, the Chinese Communist Party installs electronic eyes everywhere, the true purpose of which is to use high-tech methods to attack dissent and persecute religious believers. Christians face serious challenges trying to survive under such intense surveillance. The crosstalk Electronic Eyes All Over the City uses a humorous and vivid two-person performance to reveal the evil truth of how the CCP uses its electronic eyes to control Christians, as well as the dark inner secrets of the CCP’s persecution of religion …


Many good sheep in the church would prefer to suffer unbridled arrest and persecution by the Chinese Communist Party just to seek and investigate Eastern Lightning.


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Wonderful Actions of God “The Great Red Dragon Collapses as God’s People Grow”

When the people have all been made complete,
and all nations are Christ’s kingdom, the seven thunders will peal.
Today’s a stride towards that stage. The charge has been unleashed.
This is God’s plan. It will soon be realized.

To carry out God’s plan successfully,
heaven’s angels have descended on earth.
God in flesh is also on the battlefield, waging war against the enemy.
What God’s said is what He’s done.
Thus, nations are just castles in the sand, trembling as the high tide nears.
The last day’s imminent.
The great red dragon will topple under God’s word.
Wherever the incarnation appears, the enemy is destroyed.
China’s annihilation will be the first.
It will be laid waste by the hand of God.
Proof of the great red dragon’s collapse
is seen in the maturation of the people.
It’s a sign of the enemy’s demise.
This is what it means to “do battle,” to do battle. Continue reading

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Christian Film “Community ‘Scouts” (2018 Short Skit)

Christian Film “Community ‘Scouts” (2018 Short Skit)


The Chinese Communist Party, to eradicate religious faith, uses neighborhood and village committees and various random people to closely monitor Christians and institutes a “reward for reporting” system in an attempt to round up every Christian. The skit Community “Scouts” examines how the Christian Lin Min, because of a reputation for believing in God, is secretly monitored by neighborhood committee personnel. One day, two sisters go to her home, and after the neighborhood committee director investigates through multiple channels, she immediately calls the CCP police. In the face of such adverse circumstances, how does Lin Min rely on God and cope? In the end, can she and her two sisters escape the CCP police?


If the Eastern Lightning is the true way, why has the CCP government consistently engaged in frantic oppression, arrests, and persecution against the Eastern Lightning?

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Movie Clip “Child, Come Back Home” (4) – Experiences and Testimony of Successfully Breaking Web Addiction After Believing in God

Many young web addicts would like to quit the internet, but they can’t ever control themselves. After repeated failures, they get discouraged and disappointed, believing that quitting the internet is hopeless. In this movie clip, a group of Christians give an account of their experiences and testimony of how they successfully quit the internet after coming to believe in God …

Recommendation:  The Eastern Lightning is the manifestation of the Lord and His work.

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Best Gospel Music 2018 – God Ruling Over the Universe

The universe is infinitely vast, with innumerable stars in meticulous orbit…. Do you wish to find out who created the celestial bodies of the universe, and who commands their trajectory? Spectacular Christian movie clip God Ruling Over the Universe will show you the mighty power of the Creator.

Recommendation:  Eastern Lightning is the return of Lord Jesus

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Clip “The Gospel Messenger” (1) – Was the Work of Salvation Completed When the Lord Was Crucified?

Many people in the religious world think: “The Lord Jesus saying on the cross ‘It is finished’ proves that God’s work of saving mankind was finished. Simply by believing in the Lord, we are forgiven of sin, justified by faith, and saved by grace. When the Lord comes, He will bring us up into the kingdom of heaven. He can’t possibly do any more work of salvation.” Is this view in line with the facts of God’s work?


How Do We Treat Eastern Lightning in a Way That Accords With the Lord’s Will?

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Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music Video 2018 “Where Is My Home” (Heart-touching Theme Song)

With my tiny paper and brush, I paint a little house.
Momma’s inside the house, Daddy is inside too.
My sister and I are playing in the sunlight.
We all feel warm as the sun shines on us.
Momma is smiling, Daddy smiles too.
Sisters are grinning, we are all beaming.
This is my family here, painted on my paper.
A picture in my dreams. It is all in my dreams. Continue reading

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Gospel Movie clip “Break the Spell” (3) – Does God’s Word Exist Apart From the Bible?

Some religious people believe that all of God’s words and work are in the Bible, and that there are no words and work of God besides those in the Bible. Does this kind of view accord with the truth? The Bible says, “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written” (John 21: 25). Almighty God says, “What God is and has is forever inexhaustible and limitless. … Do not delimit God in books, words, or His past utterances again. There is only one word for the characteristic of God’s work—new. He does not like to take old paths or repeat His work, and moreover He does not want people to worship Him by delimiting Him within a certain scope. This is God’s disposition” (The Word Appears in the Flesh). Continue reading