Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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The Seven Thunders Peal—Prophesying That the Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Spread Throughout the Universe

the-seven-thunders-pealGod’s word | The Seven Thunders Peal—Prophesying That the Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Spread Throughout the Universe

    I am spreading My work among the Gentile nations. My glory flashes throughout the universe; My will is embodied within the star-dotted people, all steered by My hand and setting about the tasks I have assigned. From this point on, I have entered into a new age, bringing all men into another world. When I returned to My “homeland,” I commenced yet another part of the work in My original plan, so that man would come to know Me more deeply. I regard the universe in its entirety and see that[a] it is an opportune time for My work, so I hurry back and forth, doing My new work upon man. This is a new age, after all, and I have brought new work to take more new people into the new age and to cast aside more of those that I shall eliminate. In the nation of the great red dragon, I have carried out a stage of work unfathomable to human beings, causing them to sway in the wind, after which many quietly drift away with the blowing of the wind. Truly, this is the “threshing floor” I am about to clear; it is what I yearn for and it is also My plan. For many wicked ones have crept in while I am at work, but I am in no hurry to drive them away. Rather, I shall disperse them when the time is right. Only after that shall I be the fountain of life, allowing those who truly love Me to receive from Me the fruit of the fig tree and the fragrance of the lily. In the land where Satan sojourns, the land of dust, there remains no pure gold, only sand, and so, meeting with these circumstances, I do such a stage of work. You should know that what I gain is pure, refined gold, not sand. How can the wicked remain in My house? How can I allow foxes to be parasites in My paradise? I employ every conceivable method to drive these things away. Before My will is revealed, no one is aware of what I am about to do. Taking this opportunity, I drive away those wicked ones, and they are forced to leave My presence. This is what I do to the wicked, but there will still be a day for them to do service for Me. The desire of men for blessings is much too strong; therefore I turn My body around and show My glorious countenance to the Gentile nations, so that men may all live in a world of their own and judge themselves, while I go on saying the words that I should say, and supplying men with what they need. When men come to their senses, I will have long since spread My work. I shall then express My will to men, and begin the second part of My work upon men, letting all men follow Me closely so as to coordinate with My work, and letting men do everything in their ability to carry out with Me the work that I must do. Continue reading

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The Hymn of God’s Word “When You Open Your Heart to God”

The Hymn of God’s Word “When You Open Your Heart to God”

When you do not understand God and do not know His nature,

your hearts can never truly open, open up to God.

Once you understand your God, you will understand what’s in His heart,

and savor what lies in Him with all your faith and heed.

When you savor what is in God’s heart, bit by bit, day by day,

when you savor what is in God’s heart, your heart will open up to Him.

When your heart is truly open, when your heart is truly open,

you will see the contempt, you will see the shame

of your extravagant and selfish requests.

When your heart is truly open, when your heart is truly open,

you will see an infinite world in God’s heart, and be in a realm of wonder untold.

No more darkness, evil, no deception, when you open your heart to God.

Only truth, only faith, only light, all is just, when you open your heart to God.

He is love, He is caring, infinite compassion.

In your life, joy is felt, when you open your heart to God.

His wisdom and power fill the world, so do His authority and love.

You can see what God has and is,

what brings Him joy, what brings Him woes,

what brings Him sadness and anger, is there for all to see,

when you open your heart up to God and invite Him in.

from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Gospel Movie Clip (3) – Christians’ Incredible Rebuttals to the CCP’s Rumors and Slander

In order to deceive Christians into betraying God and giving up their faith, the CCP has openly blasphemed both Christ of the last days and the Lord Jesus, saying that They are both average people and are not God incarnate. The CCP has maligned Christians as merely believing in a person, and not God. It has also spread the rumor that The Church of Almighty God was created by a person just because the man who is used by God is the one who runs all the administrative affairs of the church. What really is incarnation? How did The Church of Almighty God come to be, and who founded it? How are Christians using the truth and the facts to refute the public rumors and slanders the CCP spreads about Christ and The Church of Almighty God?

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2019 Gospel Worship Song “God Quietly Arrives Among Us” | The Judgement Day Has Come

Gospel Song “God Quietly Arrives Among Us” | The Judgement Day Has Come


God is silent and has never appeared to us,

yet His work has never stopped.

He looks upon all lands and commands all things,

beholding all the words and deeds of man.

His management is done, step by step, to His plan.

Silent, yet His footsteps move closer to man.

His judgment seat deployed into the universe,

followed by His throne descending among us. Continue reading

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Gospel Movie Clip (2) – How Christians Strike Back at the CCP’s Atheist Brainwashing

In order to force Christians into turning their backs on God and giving up their faith, the CCP has not only enticed Christians with fame and status, but they have brainwashed them with atheism, materialism, evolutionism, and scientific knowledge. So how have Christians responded to the CCP’s brainwashing and conversion? Why do they so obstinately continue to pursue the path of believing in God and following God? This wonderful short video has been prepared for you to answer these questions.

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The Word of God in the Last Days | “You Ought to Consider Your Deeds” | God’s Words of Counsel to Us

Almighty God says, “In your daily lives, you live in an atmosphere and environment without truth or good sense. You lack the capital for existence and do not have the foundation to know Me or the truth. Your faith is merely built upon a vague confidence or upon religious rituals and knowledge based wholly on doctrine. Every day I watch your movements and examine your intentions and evil fruits. I have never found one who truly placed his heart and spirit upon My altar, which has never been moved. Therefore, I do not wish to pour out in vain all the words I wish to express upon such mankind. In My heart, I am planning only to complete My unfinished work and to bring salvation to the mankind that I have yet to save. Nevertheless, I wish for all who follow Me to receive My salvation and the truth My word bestows upon man. I hope that one day when you close your eyes, you will see a realm where fragrance fills the air and streams of living waters flow, not a bleak, cold world where darkness clouds the skies and howls never cease.”

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2019 Beautiful Praise and Worship Song With Lyrics | “Pure Love Without Blemish”

Christian Praise and Worship Song | “Pure Love Without Blemish”

Love is a pure emotion, pure without a blemish.
Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care.
Love doesn’t set conditions or barriers or distance.
Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care.
If you love you don’t deceive, grumble, turn your back,
look to get something in return.
If you love you’d sacrifice, accept hardship and be one with God in harmony. Continue reading

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Huge “People First” Demonstration in Italy Calls for Acceptance of Refugees

With cheerful music, loud chants, and banners covered with slogans, people and groups from different countries and ethnicities expressed their plea for human rights in a free, peaceful manner. At 2 p.m. on March 2, 2019, crowds surged into the city center of Milan, Italy, and a demonstration of 200,000 people gathered in the Square Milano Duomo along Corso Venezia. This demonstration was to mobilize the Italian people to unite against all actions that violate and trample human rights, and to protect the rights of refugees and minority groups.

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