Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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The Words of the Holy Spirit | Almighty God’s Words “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?”

The Words of the Holy Spirit | Almighty God’s Words “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?”

Almighty God says, “His work now is to make pure all that has been corrupted by Satan so that they may be regained and become His possession and become His glory. Such work is not as simple as man imagines the creation of the heavens and earth and all things to be, and it is not akin to the work of cursing Satan to the bottomless pit as man imagines. Rather, it is to transform man, to turn that which is negative into the positive and to take into His possession that which does not belong to Him. This is the inside story of this stage of God’s work. You must realize it, and should not oversimplify matters. The work of God is unlike any ordinary work. Its marvel cannot be conceived by the mind of man, and its wisdom cannot be attained by such. God is not creating all things, and He is not destroying them. Rather, He is changing all of His creation and purifying all things that have been defiled by Satan. Therefore, God shall commence work of great magnitude, and this is the total significance of the work of God. From these words, do you believe that the work of God is so simple?”

More Information:Following God’s Will

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The Hymn of God’s Word “The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare”

The Hymn of God’s Word “The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare”


God has made a new beginning on Earth,

so on Earth He has found His glory.

The final prospect is so beauteous

God cannot keep the pride

in His breast from swelling.

God’s heart is beating,

and the hills leap for joy in time.

The waters dance merrily,

and the waves keep time,

slapping against the rocks.

God’s heart is ineffable.

From this we see,

what God plans is just what He has made,

is what He’s foreordained,

and asks that man should experience,

that man should see. Continue reading

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Church Life Brings Such Joy


Brothers and sisters,
we’ve come before God.
Eat and drink His words,
it’s such a joy.
God cares not how deep we see the truth,
He’s pleased by our true words.
We share experience,
what we’ve learned,
support each other,
go forward hand in hand.
We understand the truth,
reflect upon ourselves,
see our corruption, our flaws.
Our prayers are what we feel,
we speak to God from the heart.
The more fellowship on His words,
the more we understand
His words and truth.
We’ve tasted the love of God.
The life of the church
brings such great joy,
and our lives grow step by step.
Kingdom of Christ is truly our home.
Those who love God
will praise Him forever.
All glory be to Almighty God! Continue reading

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2019 Gospel Music | Praise and Worship Song “God Has Brought His Glory to the East”

Christian Praise and Worship Song “God Has Brought His Glory to the East”

God gave Israel His glory, took it away,
then brought the Israelites and all mankind to the East
to reunite with the light, relate to it,
so they no longer have to go and search for it. Continue reading

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Christian Marriage: Marital Harmony Is No Longer an Issue

the truth, God’s words, God’s work, glory, God’s salvation


By Wang Ran, Singapore

     A Beautiful Dream

    When she was single, Wang Ran always held on to a beautiful dream—the hope that after getting married, she and her husband would get along harmoniously, show mutual tolerance, be by each other’s sides for life, and grow old together. At that time Wang Ran had a great deal of confidence in herself; she felt that she was a person of good character who got along well with others. But reality did not play out as Wang Ran wished—after getting married, the myriad conflicts that cropped up in her life with her husband slowly ate away at her dream … Continue reading

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Choir Song | “Kingdom Anthem (III) All People, Shout for Joy” | So Happy to Live in the House of God

In God’s light, people see the light again.
In God’s word, people find the things for enjoyment.
God has come from the East and He hails from there.
When God’s glory shines, all nations are lighted,
all is brought to light, not a thing remains in darkness.
In the kingdom, the life of God’s people with God is incomparably happy.
The waters dance for people’s blessed lives,
the mountains enjoy with people God’s abundance.
All men are striving, working hard,
showing their loyalty in God’s kingdom.
In the kingdom, there is no more rebellion, no more resistance;
the heavens and the earth depend on each other, man and God are close and feel deeply,
through life’s felicities, leaning together….
At this time, God formally begins the heavenly life.
Satan’s interference is no more, and the people enter into rest. Continue reading

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Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music Video 2018 “Where Is My Home” (Heart-touching Theme Song)

With my tiny paper and brush, I paint a little house.
Momma’s inside the house, Daddy is inside too.
My sister and I are playing in the sunlight.
We all feel warm as the sun shines on us.
Momma is smiling, Daddy smiles too.
Sisters are grinning, we are all beaming.
This is my family here, painted on my paper.
A picture in my dreams. It is all in my dreams. Continue reading

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Christian Movie Clip – The Rise of the British Empire Driving the Development of Mankind

What caused the rise of the once glorious British Empire? And what led to its decline? Watch Christian movie clip The Rise of the British Empire Driving the Development of Mankind to find out more about the important part the British Empire played in the development of mankind.


If Eastern Lightning is the true way, then what is the basis of your confirmation? We believe in the Lord Jesus because He redeemed us, but what do you use to verify that Eastern Lightning is the true way?