Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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2019 Hindi Gospel Song “We Gather in Joy to Praise God” | Glory to God Forever | Indian Dance

Praise and be joyous!
Praise and be joyous!
Praise and be joyous!
Praise and be joyous!
God’s disposition is so lovable.
It is our duty to bear witness to God and praise God.
Brothers and sisters, so happy together.
Let us beat drums, sing and dance.
We praise God in the flesh as He begins a new era. Continue reading


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2019 Christian Praise Song “God’s Great Work Has Been Completed” | Praise God for Gaining Glory

Almighty God has appeared in the flesh, expressing truths to save mankind.
We’ve heard the voice of the bridegroom, we’ve been lifted up before God.
We’ve finally attended the Lamb’s feast, entered into the training of the kingdom.
Judgment has begun with the house of God, His disposition has been entirely revealed.
The truth of God’s words conquers us, we fall before God and worship Him.
Our hearts and minds have been fully laid bare by God’s words.
Undergoing God’s trials and refinement, our corrupt dispositions are cleansed.
Through God’s judgment we see His righteousness and holiness.
God’s people are obedient before Him, and are faithful to God to the death.
God has thoroughly defeated Satan, making a group of overcomers.
We who follow Christ of the last days witness to the entire universe:
God’s great work has been completed, He has gained full glory. Continue reading

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An Arrogant Believer’s Process of Transformation | Testimony of a Christian

Zhang Yitao    Henan Province

  “God, Your work is so practical, so full of righteousness and holiness. You have been patiently working for so long, all for us. In the past, I believed in God but I didn’t have a human manner. I disobeyed You and hurt Your heart without knowing. I am full of shame and regret and am indebted to You. Only now do I realize this. … Without Your harsh judgment, I wouldn’t have today, and facing Your genuine love I am grateful and indebted to You. It was Your work that saved me and caused my disposition to change. Without sorrow and pain, my heart is full of happiness” (“Oh God, the Love You Have Given Me Is Too Great” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs). Every time I sing this song, I think of God’s salvation for me through all these years, and I am full of gratitude for Him. It was God’s judgment and chastisement that changed me. It made me—an arrogant, ambitious, rebellious son—appear a bit more like a human being. I sincerely give thanks for God’s salvation of me! Continue reading

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Gospel movie | (5) – Testimonies of Experiencing the Judgment Before the Seat of Christ and Receiving Life

Gospel movie | (5) – Testimonies of Experiencing the Judgment Before the Seat of Christ and Receiving Life

Almighty God has initiated the work of judgment beginning with the house of God by expressing the truth. The prelude to the judgment before the great white throne has started. How do we experience God’s judgment and chastisement? What kind of cleansing and transformation can be gained after experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement? What true knowledge of God can be learned?


The Church of Almighty God was founded by the returned Lord Jesus personally in the last days

Understanding the Eastern Lightning