Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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2019 Beautiful Praise and Worship Song With Lyrics | “Pure Love Without Blemish”

Christian Praise and Worship Song | “Pure Love Without Blemish”

Love is a pure emotion, pure without a blemish.
Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care.
Love doesn’t set conditions or barriers or distance.
Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care.
If you love you don’t deceive, grumble, turn your back,
look to get something in return.
If you love you’d sacrifice, accept hardship and be one with God in harmony. Continue reading

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The Testimony of a Christian | God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (II)

Xiaoxue, Malaysia

word of God, Testimony, Christ, prayed to God, follow God


  One day after dinner, I taught my eldest son how to read Chinese—just the simple words, “Heaven, earth, people, and, earth, daddy, mommy….” I taught him quite a few times, but he still couldn’t write them. He would write the first word and then forget the next one. The anger inside me rose up, and I grabbed the ruler on the table and hit him several times. I shouted loudly: “How stupid you are! You cannot even learn these few words!” My eldest son was hit until he cried, “waah, waah” and broke free and ran to stand in the corner. I scolded him, “Come over here and keep writing!” My eldest son did not come over, so I grabbed hold of him and pulled him onto the chair. Seeing that my eldest son’s hand had been beaten red and swollen by me, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. I cried and returned to my room and prayed to God: “God! As soon as my child displeased me, I could not control my anger. I don’t want to treat my children like this. God, may You help me.” After praying, I slowly calmed down. Continue reading

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Gospel Testimonies|Spiritual Awakening of a “White Angel” (Part 2)


God’s words, believe in God, knows God, God’s work, judgment  

Recognizing Mankind That Has Been Corrupted by Satan

  From then on, every day before the dawn, I got up to read God’s words, pray and sing hymns and enjoyed the kind of peace and joy that I had never experienced before. One day, I saw that it said in God’s words: “Cruel, brutal mankind! The conniving and intrigue, the jostling with each other, the scramble for reputation and fortune, the mutual slaughter—when will it ever end? God has spoken hundreds of thousands of words, yet no one has come to their senses. They act for the sake of their families, and sons and daughters, for their careers, prospects, status, vanity, and money, for the sake of clothes, for food and the flesh—whose actions are truly for the sake of God? Even among those whose actions are for the sake of God, there are but few who know God. How many do not act for the sake of their own interests? How many do not oppress and discriminate against others for the sake of maintaining their own status?” (“The Wicked Must Be Punished” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Continue reading

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English Christian Song | The Heart of God Is Good | “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”


💯🎻.•*¨*•.¸¸♬ .•*¨*•.¸¸ ♬.•*¨*•.¸¸♬.•*¨*•.¸¸♪💯🎻

Eastern Lightning | praise song | “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”

When humanity was filled with filth, disobeyed to an extent,
God had to destroy them due to His principles and essence.
God despised man, for they opposed Him.
But when He destroyed them,
His heart was still unchanged, His mercy still remained.

God pitied mankind, wanting to redeem in various ways.
But refusing God’s salvation, man continued to disobey.
No matter how God called and warned, how He supplied and helped,
man did not understand, man did not appreciate.

So God gave His great tolerance, waiting in pain for man to turn around.
Reaching His limit, He did what He had to do.
From the moment God planned to destroy to the moment He started His plan,
it was a period for man to turn around.
This was the last chance that God gave to man.
This was the last chance, this was the last chance that God gave to man.
from The Word Appears in the Flesh


How did the Church of Almighty God come into being?

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I Have Only Just Begun Walking the Right Path of Life | Gospel Testimonies

Shi Han    Hebei Province

  I was born to a poor peasant family. I have been sensible since childhood, in that I never fought with other kids and obeyed my parents, which made me a typical “good girl” in the eyes of adults. Other parents were all very envious of my parents, saying that they were lucky to have such a good daughter. And just like this, I grew up every day listening to compliments from the people around me. When I was in the elementary school, my academic record was especially good, and I was always first place in exams. One time, I received full marks in an essay contest held by my town, winning honor for my school. The headmaster not only awarded me a prize and certificate, but also complimented me in front of the entire school and called upon the students to learn from me. I suddenly became the “celebrity” of the school, and my classmates even nicknamed me “ever-victorious general.” The compliments from my teachers, the envy of my classmates, and the doting of my parents gave me a sense of superiority in my heart, and I really enjoyed the feeling of being admired by everyone. Accordingly, I firmly believed that the greatest joy in life was the admiration of others, and that the feeling of happiness came from the praise of others. I secretly told myself: No matter how difficult and exhausting it is, I must become someone with fame and status, and never be looked down upon by others. From then on, dictums such as “A man leaves his name behind wherever he stays, just as a goose utters its cry wherever it flies” and “Men should always strive to be better than their contemporaries” became my life mottos. Continue reading

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God Led Me to Overcome the Devil’s Affliction|Testimony of a Christian

🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳  🌳🌳🌳

Source from:God Led Me to Overcome the Devil’s Affliction

Wang Hua    Henan Province

  My daughter and I are the Christians of the Church of Almighty God. In following God, we two were arrested together and sentenced to hard labor by the CCP government. I was sentenced to three years and my daughter was sentenced to one year. Although I underwent the brutal and inhuman persecution and affliction of the CCP government, every time I was in despair and danger, it was Almighty God’s word that gave me the courage and power to live on and led me to go through the cruel tortures and the three-year hellish prison life victoriously. In that tribulation, I saw the love and salvation of Almighty God and tasted the authority and power of God’s word, and made a firm resolution to unswervingly follow God to walk the right way of human life….

  Before I believed in God, I was a business woman. I managed the business well and earned some money. But while bustling about for a living, I fully experienced the fickleness of worldly relationship. Every day I not only had to rack my brains thinking of how to make money, but also had to deal with various inspections from the government departments. Speaking with tongue in cheek and getting along with others with a mask all day long, I felt so miserable and tired but had no other choice. Just when I was mentally and physically exhausted from rushing about for a living, I accepted the end-time gospel of Almighty God. I saw that in the word Almighty God expresses, there is the truth about human life, the disclosing of man’s corrupt substance, and the exposing of the root of man’s suffering, and also there is a bright way of human life pointed out to man. My heart was immediately attracted by God’s word and I firmly believed that this is the work of the true God and is a right way of human life. I was really so blessed that I could receive God’s end-time work today. Meanwhile, I also felt that too many people in the world who, like me, led an empty life and couldn’t find the direction of life needed the end-time salvation of Almighty God. I wished to preach the end-time gospel to more people who sought the truth, so that they could receive God’s salvation. Additionally, God moved me greatly and gave me faith and strength, so I always had endless words to say when talking about God’s work and salvation, and also brought over some people who truly sought the truth. I was so excited. At that time, my daughter just graduated from school. She saw that I was in a good mood every day after following Almighty God, and saw that the brothers and sisters who came to our house were all very simple and kind and it was particularly harmonious and joyful when we had meetings, talking heart to heart, sang hymns, and danced together. Therefore, she also longed for such a life and was willing to walk the way of believing in God. From then on, we did business at daytime and prayed, read God’s word, learned hymns, and fellowshipped about our knowledge of God’s word together at night. We lived a very happy life. Continue reading

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Gospel Testimonies|Experiencing the Cruel Persecution, I Believe in God More Firmly

Zhao Rui    Shanxi Province

  My name is Zhao Rui. By God’s grace, our whole family followed the Lord Jesus in 1993. In 1996, I, sixteen years old, was attracted by the Lord Jesus’ love and began to work and preach. However, before long, I saw the bitterly disappointing scenes: The co-workers fought overtly and covertly, pushed others aside, and contended for power and interest. The Lord’s teaching of “loving one another” seemed to have long been forgotten. The church life brought no enjoyment at all. Many brothers and sisters were passive and weak and stopped attending meetings. Facing the desolate miserable condition of the church, I was distressed and helpless. On the evening of the Chinese New Year’s Eve in 1998, I fell down to the ground and wept out my grief to God, “O Lord, where are you? When will you come back? Without your leading, how shall I walk the future way?” I thanked God that he heard my prayer. In July, 1999, under God’s wonderful manipulation and arrangement, I heard the end-time gospel of Almighty God, the returned Lord Jesus. Through living the church life, I tasted the enjoyment brought by the working of the Holy Spirit. The brothers and sisters gathered together to have meetings, and the past religious life was gone. Everyone spoke freely, fellowshipping about the light from the Holy Spirit’s revelation and talking about how they experienced God’s word and how they relied on God to solve their corruptions and be purified. Moreover, the living out of the brothers and sisters was very godly and decent. If anyone had a defect or expressed a corruption, others would forbear with and forgive and help them with love. Nobody would belittle or look down upon anyone who had a difficulty, and we would fellowship about the truth to help solve it together. That was exactly the church life I had always wanted to have and the true way I had sought for years! I, who had been lost for many years, had finally come back to God again! I made a resolution to God, “I’m willing to bring before God those innocent souls that are still living in darkness, so that they can also live under the leading and blessing of the Holy Spirit’s working and receive the watering of the living water of life from God. This is my bounden duty as a created being and is the most meaningful and worthy life.” So, I joined in performing duty. Continue reading

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Eastern Lightning | Movie clip (5) – Are the Pastors and Elders of the Religious World Truly Appointed by the Lord?

Eastern Lightning | Movie clip (5) – Are the Pastors and Elders of the Religious World Truly Appointed by the Lord?

God personally gives testimony to everyone He appoints and makes use of. At the very least, they all receive the confirmation of the work of the Holy Spirit, exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit’s work, and can help God’s chosen people receive the provision of life and true shepherding. Because God is righteous and holy, everyone He appoints and uses must accord with God’s will. Pastors and elders from the religious world all lack the word of God as testimony, and also lack the confirmation of the work of the Holy Spirit. So how could pastors and elders within the religious world be personally appointed and used by God? Continue reading