Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Almighty God Is My Reliance | Short Film “Piercing the Darkness”


Her name is Sun Ting. She grew up doted by her parents. After getting married, she was driven desperate by her in-laws’ ill-treatment and her husband’s infidelity and lost the courage to live on…. In her misery and helplessness, Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon her. God’s word brought her faith for living and the direction to go forward and the goal in life. Unexpectedly, she was arrested illegally by the CCP government for her belief in God and was sentenced to three years of hard labor. During the interrogation, the brutal evil cops forcibly tied her to the torture-rack and poked her all over with electric batons many times. They also used “wheel combat” to torture her, not allowing her to sleep for several days…. In the long painful days, Almighty God always accompanied her by her side, inspiring, guiding, and encouraging her with his word. Thus, she overcame the siege of Satan step by step and finally bore a strong and resounding testimony for God.

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Praise and Worship | Rock Music “Chinese Choir Episode 11”

The Lord Jesus has descended on a white cloud among us with His judgment, His righteousness, and His original disposition, revealing to mankind the true God who bestows His mercy abundantly and casts out His anger fiercely. All the time, He forgives man with His mercy and warns man with His anger. His mercy, lovingkindness, majesty, and wrath inspire man’s sincere reverence. Because of His holiness and righteousness, man sees the hope, sees the appearance of light and righteousness, and sees the scene that the Redeemer has already returned on a white cloud. Only God can see through the evil and corruption of the world, only God can console this mankind who is moaning, and only God can save man from the boundless sea of misery! With God, everything has been predestined. God’s people will listen to God’s voice. Under God’s righteous judgment, all those who truly love God will return to God’s throne.

1. All Nations Come to Your Light
2. God Bestows His Mercy Abundantly and Casts Out His Anger Fiercely
3. All Things Are in God’s Hand Continue reading

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Almighty God’s Utterance “The Two Incarnations Complete the Significance of Incarnation”



Almighty God says, “This stage of work is done on the basis of the work of the Age of the Grace. If these two stages of works were not related, why would God not be crucified again in this stage? Why would he not bear man’s sins? He was not conceived by the Holy Spirit and is not crucified to bear man’s sins but directly chastises man. If he did not do the work of chastising man after the crucifixion, and now he comes not through the conception of the Holy Spirit, he would not be qualified to chastise man. It is precisely because he and Jesus are one that he directly chastises and judges man. This stage of work is done on the basis of the previous one. Therefore, only such work can save man stage by stage. Jesus and I are from one Spirit.”

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Judgment Day | Almighty God’s Utterance “Whether One Will Succeed Depends On the Way He Walks”


Almighty God says, “Pursuing to perform the duty of a created being initiatively is the way to success, pursuing to truly love God is the most right way, and pursuing to have the old disposition transformed and to love God purely is the way to success. The way to success that is spoken of is the way for created beings to be recovered to their original duty and original likeness. It is a way of recovery and is also the purpose of all the work God has been doing from beginning to end. If one’s pursuit is mixed with his own extravagant demands and his unreasonable hopes and it cannot produce the result of being transformed in his disposition, it contradicts the work of recovery and is undoubtedly not the work done by the Holy Spirit. Then it proves that such pursuit is not approved by God. What meaning does it have since it is a pursuit not approved by God?”