Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Gospel Song “A Different Age, Different Divine Work”

In the last days, it’s mainly the fact
that “the Word becomes flesh”
that’s accomplished by God. Continue reading

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God’s Love | Chinese Choir of the Church of Almighty God Episode 6

Since His creation of man, God has been protecting and watching over man. Although man didn’t obey His word and was corrupted by Satan, God has never given them up but has been guiding and supplying them. In the last days, God returns to flesh and does a work of judgment and chastisement by the word. Under the guidance of His word, man beholds God’s almightiness and wisdom, appreciates God’s great love and salvation for him, and knows God’s holiness and righteousness. At the same time, man discerns the ugly face of Satan, sees through various tricks with which Satan corrupts man, and thus rejects Satan and returns before God. These are the results achieved by the work of the word.

1. How Important God’s Love for Man Is
2. The Significance of God’s Managing Mankind
3. In the Age of Kingdom, the Word Accomplishes Everything Continue reading

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Gospel Movie Clip (5) – A Christian’s Wonderful Rebuttal of the Notions of a Three-Self Pastor

The CCP invites a pastor with the Three-Self Church to try to brainwash and convert a Christian. The Christian and the pastor open up a wonderful debate in response to the notions thrown out by the Three-Self pastor. How will this Christian push back against the pastor? Why will this attempt by the CCP at brainwashing and conversion end in failure?

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Gospel Music | Kingdom Song of Praise “God Treasures One Who Can Listen to His Word and Obey Him”

God Treasures One Who Can Listen to His Word and Obey Him

In God’s eyes, whether a man is great or small, as long as he can listen to God’s word, obey God’s commandment and commission, cooperate with God’s work, and cooperate with God’s will and God’s plan, so that God’s will and God’s plan can be carried out smoothly and fulfilled, such a deed is worthy for God to remember and worthy for God to bless, worthy for God to bless. God treasures such a man, cherishes such a deed of his, and cherishes his kindness and his heart for God. This is God’s attitude. This is God’s attitude.

from “The Second Piece of Word” in God’s Latest Utterance