Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Christian Praise Song | “I’ve Finally Beheld God”

Best Christian Songs | “I’ve Finally Beheld God”


I came to Your presence that day, my heart filled with yearnings so deep. While my eyes blurred with tears, Your hand caressed. Grief and sorrow poured out my heart. The past flashed before my eyes; grief and bitterness clashed in sighs. God, I give to You my love. If never I beheld You, what would tomorrow bring? How You saved and nurtured me, through long suffering. You’re the One that I run to, You’re the place that I can hide. With You I’m never alone, You’re here by my side. With You I’m never alone, You’re here by my side. Continue reading

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Gospel Music | God Ruling Over the Universe

The universe is infinitely vast, with innumerable stars in meticulous orbit…. Do you wish to find out who created the celestial bodies of the universe, and who commands their trajectory? Spectacular Christian movie clip God Ruling Over the Universe will show you the mighty power of the Creator.

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