Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Eastern Lightning| The Hymn of Life Experience “God’s Love” | The Church of Almighty God

God’s Love

Ah … ah … ah … ah …

In this world, there is a vast sea of people.
Who knows that God is again incarnated to be a man?
No one pays heed to Him, no one shows concern for Him.
He is alone and lonesome; how desolate!
How desolate, how sorrowful!
O God! O God! For whom are You doing this?
Why do we always grieve Your heart?
Why does mankind always resist You?
Why does the world always slander You?
O God! O God! I’m willing to love You; although I fail to satisfy You,
I will never leave You under any circumstances. Continue reading

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Eastern Lightning|Only Almighty God’s Word Can Save Me

Xiao Lian

Xuancheng City, Anhui Province

  Since I believed in Jesus, I had often read the Bible and memorized its verses, and the Bible had become my faithful companion. I held the view that God could only be found in the Bible, God would never work beyond the Bible, and whoever departed from the Bible was not a believer in God. So, for fifteen years, I took the Bible as the treasure, and I even put it at the head of my bed when I slept at night, which in my view meant that God would be with me. However, I had never expected that when God’s work of the last days came upon me, I resisted and condemned it with the Bible for six years, and actually became a Pharisee of the present age. Continue reading

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Gripping the Bands of Love in Despair


Before I got married to my husband, he caught a rare incurable sequela, severe sinus bradycardia, after a serious disease. As he grew older, his heartbeat grew ever slower. After marriage, his condition worsened increasingly, and he developed dizziness, widespread limpness, chest pain with his lips cyanotic due to severe insufficiency of blood supply.

When our child was four or five years old, I couldn’t resign myself to my husband being afflicted like that with the disease for the rest of his life, so I determined to make a fortune to cure his condition radically. Then I tried various jobs to earn money. At that time, for the sake of safety, we could only see Chinese medicine practitioners for conservative therapy. My husband took countless Chinese herbal medicines but to no avail. His heartbeat was still very weak, to an extent that later he was even stifled to awake from sleep at night. Once he didn’t return home at the due time from work, I would be worried whether there was something wrong with him. We grew rice back then, and I didn’t dare to have him work much in the fields for fear that he would faint there due to the inadequacy of blood supply to his brain. Moreover, I never had a restful night those days. I often woke up in the middle of the night and shone a flashlight secretly, feeling my husband’s pulse while looking at my watch. When his heart rate was more than 50 beats per minute, I would feel assured and sleep for a while; after a break, when I woke up to find his heart rate was only over 40 beats per minute, I would immediately get tensed and give him a nudge. Then he would turn over or go to the bathroom, so that his heart would beat faster. Just like this, I woke up time and again at night, and I was afraid to draw his attention lest he be more worried about his condition.

In those days full of anxiety, I really had a hard time. With nobody to tell all the pain in my heart, I could do nothing but weep under the covers in the dead of the night. Owing to the enduring mental pressure, I suffered from severe neurasthenia, and could not sleep nearly every night. Sometimes I seemed to have fallen asleep, but my brain was still thinking, and a slightest sound would wake me up. Every morning, I rose to find myself tired out as if having worked for a whole day. At that time, my husband also lived in anguish. He thought he could never get his illness cured, so he wrote himself off and indulged in gambling every day. In the face of this wretched home, my heart was broken. I often looked at myself in the mirror alone, who grew older and older as a result of long-lasting labor, feeling untold sadness and desperation. At that point, I even thought about dying. However, when I looked at my pitiful child and aged parents, I then thought if I really died, my child would be left without mother and my parents would bury their daughter at such an old age; how could I bear to do that? Thus, I had no alternative but to concede to reality and continue on. I often looked to the skies and cried out in my heart: Heavens! I even cannot afford to die! What should I do with my family? How can I keep on living? Will I lead such a depressed and painful life for the rest of my life?

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Testimony Movie “The Growth of a Seven-year-old Little Christian” | The Church of Almighty God

She is a seven-year-old little christian. Although she was selfish, willful, and wayward as other children, she has different experiences and changes, because since her birth, she has been growing under the watering of Almighty God’s words. As a child of God’s family, she has become more and more sensible. At such a young age, she has already pursued to live out the likeness of a real man, seen God’s wonderful deed, and tried her best to perform her duty. Like a tender shoot, she is thriving under the inspiration and guidance of God’s word.