Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Christian song | Emulate the Lord Jesus

Jesus completed God’s mission,
the redemption work of all man
by giving His cares to God’s will,
without selfish purpose or plans.
At the center He placed God’s plan.
To heavenly Father He prayed,
seeking heavenly Father’s will.
He would seek and He’d always pray.
If like Jesus you give all your cares to God
and turn your back to flesh,
God will trust you with vital tasks
to enable you to serve Him. Continue reading

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Choir Song | “Kingdom Anthem (III) All People, Shout for Joy” | So Happy to Live in the House of God

In God’s light, people see the light again.
In God’s word, people find the things for enjoyment.
God has come from the East and He hails from there.
When God’s glory shines, all nations are lighted,
all is brought to light, not a thing remains in darkness.
In the kingdom, the life of God’s people with God is incomparably happy.
The waters dance for people’s blessed lives,
the mountains enjoy with people God’s abundance.
All men are striving, working hard,
showing their loyalty in God’s kingdom.
In the kingdom, there is no more rebellion, no more resistance;
the heavens and the earth depend on each other, man and God are close and feel deeply,
through life’s felicities, leaning together….
At this time, God formally begins the heavenly life.
Satan’s interference is no more, and the people enter into rest. Continue reading