Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Church Life Brings Such Joy


Brothers and sisters,
we’ve come before God.
Eat and drink His words,
it’s such a joy.
God cares not how deep we see the truth,
He’s pleased by our true words.
We share experience,
what we’ve learned,
support each other,
go forward hand in hand.
We understand the truth,
reflect upon ourselves,
see our corruption, our flaws.
Our prayers are what we feel,
we speak to God from the heart.
The more fellowship on His words,
the more we understand
His words and truth.
We’ve tasted the love of God.
The life of the church
brings such great joy,
and our lives grow step by step.
Kingdom of Christ is truly our home.
Those who love God
will praise Him forever.
All glory be to Almighty God! Continue reading


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2019 Christian Testimony Movie “The Sun Never Sets on Integrity” Only the Honest Can Get Blessing of God

Understanding: “In Mat 18:3, the Lord told us he loves honest people who have the likeness of little children”. But in this society, it is too hard being honest! Xinyu felt very pained when cheating her customers, yet she had peace and joy after believing in God. Continue reading

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Why There Are Different Christian Denominations?

By Zhou Tao

    My Confusion

   Several years ago, I was often out on business. At all of my stops, I would seek a meeting place on weekends, off my own bat, to share the Lord’s words and pray. But after some of the meetings, the church leaders would ask me, “Brother Zhou, which denomination do you belong to? What are the doctrines of your church?” I was always taken aback and would reply, “I believe in the Lord Jesus, and I don’t belong to any denomination. We all are family in Christ.” But they would answer, “Now there are many churches, but only our church is the true one, only our church encompasses all the others.” Later, what baffled me even more was that when I returned to my hometown church my church friends asked me what doctrines I’d heard in other churches. We got into quarrels over different understandings of Bible verses, and could never reach an agreement. Our meetings often ended bitterly. Many years passed, and no matter where I went, what impressed me was the multitude of denominations and how they were all critical of each other. Seeing this, I thought of the words in the Bible, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all” (Eph 4:5–6). We all believe in the Lord, read the Bible and the words of the Lord; why are there so many Christian denominations? What is the root of this? Which one is in line with the Lord’s will? Full of confusion and puzzlement, I eagerly wanted to find the answers. Continue reading

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Christian Movie Trailer “The Sun Never Sets on Integrity” How to Get the Blessing of God in Business

Wang Xinyu and her husband run a clothing shop, and though at first they try to operate their store with integrity and conscience, they don’t earn much money, and their lives are very difficult. But when they see their peers who rely on lying and deception to do business buying cars and houses and living lavish lives, they decide they don’t want to be left behind. Guided by their peers, they follow the social trend and begin to do business through lying and trickery. A few years later, although they make some money, their consciences are often uneasy and their hearts feel empty. Then, they accept Almighty God’s gospel of the last days, read God’s words, through which they discover that God likes honest people and despises deceitful people and learn that honest people receive God’s blessings. However, they also see the evil and darkness in the world and worry they won’t be able to make money by doing business with integrity, and will even risk losing money, so they continue to use lies and tricks to deceive customers, yet know God detests them for it…. After several struggles and failures, they finally choose to be honest people according to the words of God, and are surprised to receive God’s blessings. Not only does their business flourish, they also enjoy the peace and security of being honest people.

Recommendation: Christian Film

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The Tabernacle of God Is With Men

By Chen Bo, China

      Editors’ Note: Many brothers and sisters long for the day when they can be raised up into heaven and can meet the Lord, and this is the greatest dream of everyone who believes in the Lord. But it is prophesied in Revelation: “The tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them….” This passage of scripture says that the kingdom of God will come on earth, so will we go up to heaven in the future, or will we be reunited with the Lord on earth? We trust you would all like to know the answer to this question. Today, we recommend a sister’s experiences for you to read, and we believe that, when you have finished reading it, you will all reap the harvest. Continue reading

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God’s word | The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of Satan

words of God,  pray, the church, the Holy Spirit, know God,

  How do you grasp the specifics in spirit? How does the Holy Spirit work in man? How does Satan work in man? How do evil spirits work in man? And what are the manifestations of this work? When something happens to you, does it come from the Holy Spirit, and should you obey it, or reject it? People’s actual practice gives rise to much that is of human will yet which people always believe to come from the Holy Spirit. Some comes from evil spirits, yet still people think it is born of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes the Holy Spirit guides people from within, yet people believe such guidance comes from Satan, and do not dare to obey, when in reality it is the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Thus, without differentiation there is no way to experience when such experiences are actually happening to you, and without differentiation, there is no way of gaining life. How does the Holy Spirit work? How do evil spirits work? What comes from the will of man? And what is born of the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit? If you grasp the rules of the Holy Spirit’s work within man, then you will be able to grow your knowledge and differentiate in your daily lives and during your actual experiences; you will come to know God, you will be able to understand Satan, you will not be confused in your obedience or pursuit, and you will be someone whose thoughts are clear, and who obeys the work of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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God’s untterance | Concerning the Practice of Prayer


the Spirit of God, seek God, prays, words of God, God's untterance

  You pay no attention to prayer in your daily life. People have always overlooked prayer. In their prayers before they were simply going through the motions and playing around, and no one has ever fully given their heart before God and truly prayed to God. People only pray to God when something happens to them. Throughout all this time, have you ever truly prayed to God? Have you ever wept tears of pain before God? Have you ever come to know yourself before God? Have you ever had a heart-to-heart prayer with God? Praying is practiced gradually: If you don’t ordinarily pray at home, then you will have no way of praying in church, and if you don’t normally pray during small assemblies, then you will be incapable of praying during large assemblies. If you do not ordinarily draw near to God or reflect upon the words of God, then you will have nothing to say when it is time to pray—and even if you do pray, your lips will just be moving, you won’t be truly praying. Continue reading

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God’s word | Know the Newest Work of God and Follow the Footsteps of God

the Holy Spirit, words of God, kingdom, God’s love, glory

  Now, you are to pursue becoming the people of God, and shall begin the entire entry onto the right track. To be the people of God means entry into the Age of Kingdom. Today, you officially begin to enter into the training of the kingdom, and your future lives shall cease to be as slack and sloppy as they were before; such lives are incapable of attaining the standards required by God. If you do not feel any urgency, then this shows that you have no desire to improve yourself, that your pursuit is muddled and confused, and you are incapable of fulfilling God’s will. Entry into the training of the kingdom means beginning the life of the people of God—are you willing to accept such training? Are you willing to feel a sense of urgency? Are you willing to live under God’s discipline? Are you willing to live under God’s chastisement? When God’s words come upon you and test you, how will you act? And what will you do when faced with all manner of facts? In the past, your focus was not on life; today, you must enter into the reality of life, and pursue changes in your life disposition. This is what must be achieved by the people of the kingdom. All those who are the people of God must possess life, they must accept the training of the kingdom, and pursue changes in their life disposition. This is what God requires of the people of the kingdom. Continue reading