Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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Out of a Dying Church and Into a True Church (Part 2)

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By Yangwang, South Korea

    On February 5, 2016, two sisters, one from China and her Korean interpreter, braved the cold weather to come to my house. They asked me how I had heard about the book The Word Appears in the Flesh, and made an effort to understand my interest in reading the book as well as my own journey of faith. Once I had told them my story, the Chinese sister told me with the help of the interpreter that the Lord Jesus has already returned, that He is Almighty God, Christ of the last days. She also shared this fellowship with me: “Almighty God, the returned Lord Jesus has done the step of work of judgment beginning with the house of God, that is, the work of the Age of Kingdom. He has expressed millions of words, unveiling many mysteries, telling us many things such as the inside story of His 6,000-year management plan, the mysteries of the three stages of His work, how people can free themselves from sin and be cleansed by God, as well as what mankind’s outcome and final destination will be. Only if we pray in Almighty God’s name and accept His new work will we be able to follow the footsteps of the Lamb and be nurtured in our lives. Only then will our parched souls be fed and watered….” I was astounded to hear her say this. I thought, “The Lord has really come back? Almighty God is the Lord Jesus we’ve been longing for?” Although I knew that the Lord Jesus would return, I wasn’t entirely able to accept the Almighty God that they bore witness to. But then I thought of the Pharisees who were always waiting for the coming of the Messiah, but when the Lord Jesus came to work, they refused to acknowledge Him. Not only did they fail to seek and investigate the Lord Jesus’ appearance and work, but they madly condemned and blasphemed Him, ultimately nailing Him to the cross. As a result of their opposition to God they became subject to God’s punishment. I had cautioned myself so many times that no matter what, I couldn’t be like the Pharisees when the Lord Jesus returns, resisting the Lord—that would be making the same mistake as them. It then occurred to me that when the Lord Jesus was born, the prophets Simon and Anna recognized Him as the coming Messiah. They had always been pious people who served God and had been longing for the coming of the Redeemer. Because of their piety, they saw the Lord during their lifetimes (see Luke 2:25–38). I’ve always really admired them and have wanted to be like them when the Lord Jesus returns, recognizing and accepting His second coming. Upon hearing word of the Lord Jesus’ return, why wouldn’t I seek and investigate it? So, after these two sisters wrapped up their fellowship and they led me to pray in the name of Almighty God, I hesitated for a split second before joining them in prayer. That sister then handed the book to me and emphasized that everything within it had all been personally uttered by God, and was critical for attaining full salvation and life itself. She said I should certainly read it with a serious attitude. As they were getting ready to go, I reluctantly said goodbye, then watched them as they walked away. Continue reading


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Do You Know How Important God’s Law and His 10 Commandments Are to Mankind?

God’s words, God Himself, God’s will, Almighty God, salvation,

By Cheng Xin

    I trust that every one of us who believes in the Lord will be familiar with the Ten Commandments and the Law. But are we aware of how important the Ten Commandments and the Law are to mankind, and what profound significance they have for us? Today, let’s investigate and fellowship this topic together. Continue reading

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Out of a Dying Church and Into a True Church (Part 1)

By Yangwang, South Korea

    I was born into a family of Christians—I’m the third generation of believers. I’ve gone to church to worship the Lord with my family ever since I was little, and after growing up I took on positions of service in the church like deacon, exhorter, and accountant. Throughout my entire 70-year journey, I have always looked to the Lord.

Worship God, Almighty God, God’s Words, church, the Holy Spirit Continue reading

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Disturbances From the “May 28” Rumor (Part 1)

Disturbances From the “May 28” Rumor (Part 1)

Xingwu, France

     My mother is a devout Christian. Ever since I was old enough to understand things, she would often tell me stories about the Lord Jesus, telling me that the Lord Jesus is the only true God. When I was 13 years old I went with my mom to church. At that time I really enjoyed listening to the pastors’ sermons, and I had a great deal of faith. I would actively participate in every fellowship. But I gradually discovered that there was no illumination in the sermons preached by the pastors. They always repeated some theories and knowledge of the Bible or some theological theories, and as time went on I didn’t receive the least bit of pleasure from listening to their sermons, nor did I feel I was being provided with life. Therefore, I started going to fellowships less and less frequently. Continue reading

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Almighty God Is the Returned Jesus

Almighty God Is the Returned Jesus

Wang Yang

Guichi City, Anhui Province

    I was formerly a leader of the Justification by Faith Church in the city of Guichi. Before I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, I, like all brothers and sisters, had been eagerly expecting the Lord Jesus’ coming again. But because of the constant “warnings” from the senior leader above and the biblical verse that there will surely appear many false Christs in the last days, I became one who resisted and condemned God’s work of the last days. Thinking of these, I feel very guilty. Now, I will tell brothers and sisters my personal experience, hoping that brothers and sisters will learn a lesson from it and come back to God’s family soon. Continue reading

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The Truth Showed Her the Way to Get Along With Others (Part 1)

God’s will, God’s words, the truth, Almighty God, Christ,


    Jiandan sat on her chair, staring at the number of articles on the worksheet in complete amazement and muttering to herself: “Why is there such a backlog of unchecked articles? Could Sister Liu Yan be in a bad state? But even if she is, she mustn’t let that interfere with her work.”

    Jiandan was a conscientious, responsible person. When she saw a problem like this come up in work, she started to worry. She had initially wanted to call Sister Liu Yan over to ask her what exactly was going on. But thinking that if she started asking Liu Yan about her work when she herself had only just come back from performing another task somewhere else, she worried what Liu Yan would think of her. The two of them had always gotten along well together, so it would be terrible if this matter caused upset between them! Continue reading

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A Battle

Lord Jesus, Almighty God, God’s salvation, the Holy Spirit, believe in God,

By Zhang Hui, China

    My name is Zhang Hui, and in 1993 my entire family came to believe in the Lord Jesus. I was an enthusiastic seeker, so I quickly became a preacher. I would often travel around to different churches to work and preach. After a few years, I quit my job and began to serve the Lord full time. However, for some unknown reason, my brothers’ and sisters’ faith and love gradually cooled, and jealousy and strife grew between co-workers. I also felt that my spirit was withering, and I had nothing left to preach on. In 2005, my wife got cancer, and she died soon after that. This was a huge blow for me and I became even weaker. One day, I went to stay at my cousin’s house and met two sisters there, who preached Almighty God’s gospel of the kingdom. Over several days of fellowship and debate, I came to truly believe that the Lord Jesus had returned, that He is Almighty God in the flesh. Through reading Almighty God’s words, my thirsty heart was watered and supplied, and I savored the sweetness of the Holy Spirit’s work, understanding many truths and mysteries I had never understood before. However, just as I was immersed in the joy of reunion with the Lord, the temptations and attacks of Satan were creeping ever-closer to me … Continue reading

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With God by My Side I Overcame Satan’s Temptation (Part 1)

Almighty God, God’s work, God’s salvation, God Himself, Lord Jesus

By Cindy

    I’m a Christian. If you were to ask me if I’ve encountered any difficulties throughout my journey of faith, I would say that hindrance from family has been the single greatest difficulty that I’ve experienced. This is an issue that many other new believers may be confronted with. Although I experienced weakness and pain in the face of my family’s disruption and suppression, I was able to gain some understanding and discernment of Satan’s evil essence and motives through the enlightenment and guidance of God’s words. I also really deeply experienced that no matter how Satan may hinder or disrupt me, God is always by my side, guiding me and leading me with His words. This allows me to overcome Satan at every turn and live before God. Continue reading