Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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A Hymn of God’s Words This Is the Mankind That God Intends to Save

God Himself, Praise, mankind, Creator, God's Words


     💕☪️ ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫  ♫★♫ ☪️💕

Mankind has been trampled,
has been trampled upon by Satan.
They are no longer Adam and Eve
from the beginning of creation.
They are full of
notions, knowledge, imagination,
and so on, which are against God,
and full of the corrupt disposition.
However, in the eyes of God,
mankind is still the one
that He created.
In the eyes of God,
mankind is still the one,
still the one that He created.
Mankind is still ruled by God
and under His orchestration.
Mankind still lives
within the course set out by God.
So in the eyes of God,
mankind is simply corrupted,
corrupted by Satan.
He is merely covered with dirt,
possessed by hunger,
a bit slow in reactions,
a bit poor in memory,
and a little older in age.
But all his functions and instincts
are remained intact.
This is the mankind God will save.
This is the mankind God will save. Continue reading


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The Words of the Returned Lord Jesus “Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst the Management of God”

Almighty God says, “Mankind does not know who is the Sovereign of all things in the universe, much less does he know the beginning and future of mankind. Mankind merely lives, perforce, amidst this law. None can escape it and none can change it, for among all things and in the heavens there is but One from everlasting to everlasting who holds sovereignty over everything. He is the One who has never been beheld by man, the One whom mankind has never known, in whose existence mankind has never believed, yet He is the One who breathed the breath into mankind’s ancestors and gave life to mankind. He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day. Moreover, He and He alone is whom mankind depends on for its survival. He holds sovereignty over all things and rules all living beings beneath the universe. He commands the four seasons, and it is He who calls forth wind, frost, snow, and rain. He gives mankind sunshine and brings the coming of night. It was He who laid out the heavens and earth, providing man with mountains, lakes and rivers and all the living things within them. His deed is everywhere, His power is everywhere, His wisdom is everywhere, and His authority is everywhere. … The management of God is always going forward and has never ceased. He will make mankind aware of His existence, trust in His sovereignty, behold His deed, and return to His kingdom. This is His plan, and the work that He has been conducting for thousands of years.”

More attention :

Why are good sheep in the church able to investigate Eastern Lightning? Are those people who are unable to seek and investigate God’s work in the last days able to enter the kingdom of heaven after all?



God’s voice | The Mystery of the Incarnation (4) (Selection)

Readings of Utterances of Christ of the Last Days: Let us know all the mysteries about God from the utterances of the Christ of the last days, Almighty God.

the last days, salvation,  Grace, incarnate, mankind

  In the Age of Grace, Jesus did much of that work, such as healing sickness, casting out demons, laying His hands upon man to pray for man, and blessing man. However, to continue to do so would serve no purpose in the present day. The Holy Spirit worked in that way at the time, for it was the Age of Grace, and man was shown enough grace for enjoyment. Man did not have to pay any price and could receive grace as long as he had faith. All were treated very graciously. Now, the age has changed, and the work of God has progressed further; through His chastisement and judgment, the rebelliousness of man and the unclean things within man will be cast away. As it was the stage of redemption, God had to do such work, showing man enough grace for man to enjoy, so that He could redeem man from sin, and through grace forgive man their sins. This stage is done to reveal the iniquities within man through chastisement, judgment, the smiting of words, as well as the discipline and revelation of words, so that they may afterward be saved. This is work more in-depth than redemption. In the Age of Grace, man enjoyed enough grace and has already experienced this grace, and so it is no longer to be enjoyed by man. Such work is now out-of-date and is no longer to be done. Now, man is saved through judgment by the word. After man is judged, chastised and refined, his disposition is thereby changed. Is this not because of the words I have spoken? Each stage of work is done in line with the progress of all mankind and with the age. All work has its significance; it is done for the final salvation, for mankind to have a good destination in the future, and for man to be divided according to their kind in the end. Continue reading

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God’s word | The Sighing of the Almighty (Selection)

seek, God, save, God's word, belief  

  Mankind, who left the supply of life from the Almighty, does not know why they exist, and yet fears death. There is no support, no help, but mankind is still reluctant to close their eyes, braving it all, drags out an ignoble existence in this world in bodies without the consciousness of souls. You live like such, with no hope; he exists like such, with no aim. There is only the Holy One in the legend who will come to save those who moan in suffering and long desperately for His arrival. This belief cannot be realized so far in the people who are unconscious. However, the people still yearn for it so. The Almighty has mercy on these people who suffer deeply. At the same time, He is fed up with these people who have no consciousness, because He has to wait too long for the answer from humans. He desires to seek, seek your heart and your spirit. He wants to bring you food and water and to awaken you, so you are no longer thirsty, no longer hungry. When you are weary and when you begin to feel the desolation of this world, do not be perplexed, do not cry. Almighty God, the Watcher, will embrace your arrival any time. He is watching by your side, waiting for you to turn back. He is waiting for the day your memory suddenly recovers: becoming conscious of the fact that you came from God, somehow and somewhere once lost, falling unconscious on the roadside, and then, unknowingly having a “father.” You further realize that the Almighty has been watching there, awaiting your return all along. He longs bitterly, waiting for a response without an answer. His watching is priceless and is for the heart and the spirit of humans. Perhaps this watching is indefinite, and perhaps this watching is at its end. But you should know exactly where your heart and spirit are now.

from “The Sighing of the Almighty” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Eastern Lightning Shakes the Religious World


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God’s word | God Himself, the Unique I


mankind, words of God,  the Bible, knowing God, God Himself

      God’s Authority (I)   Part One

  My last several fellowships were about God’s work, God’s disposition, and God Himself. After hearing these fellowships, do you feel that you have gained an understanding and knowledge of God’s disposition? How great of an understanding and knowledge? Can you put a number to it? Did these fellowships give you a deeper understanding of God? Could it be said that this understanding is a true knowledge of God? Could it be said that this knowledge and understanding of God is a knowledge of the entire substance of God, and all that He has and is? No, obviously not! That is because these fellowships only provided an understanding of part of God’s disposition, and what He has and is—not all of it, or the entirety of it. The fellowships enabled you to understand part of the work once done by God, through which you beheld the disposition of God, and what He has and is, as well as the approach and thinking behind everything that He has done. But this is only a literal, spoken understanding of God, and, in your heart, you remain uncertain about how much of it is real. What mainly determines whether there is any reality to your understanding of such things? It is determined by how much of God’s words and disposition you have truly experienced during your actual experiences, and how much you have been able to see and know during these actual experiences. “The last several fellowships allowed us to understand the things done by God, the thoughts of God, and, moreover, God’s attitude toward mankind and the basis of His actions, as well as the principles of His actions. And so we have come to understand the disposition of God, and have known the entirety of God.” Has anyone said such words? Is it right to say this? It clearly isn’t. And why do I say that it isn’t? God’s disposition, and what He has and is, are expressed in the things that He has done and the words He has spoken. Man is able to behold what God has and is through the work that He has done and the words that He has spoken, but this is only to say that the work and words enable man to understand a part of God’s disposition, and a part of what He has and is. If man wishes to gain a more plentiful and profound understanding of God, then man must experience more of God’s words and work. Although man only gains a partial understanding of God when experiencing part of God’s words or work, does this partial understanding represent God’s true disposition? Does it represent the substance of God? Of course it represents the true disposition of God, and the substance of God, of that there is no doubt. Regardless of the time or place, or in what manner God does His work, or in what form He appears to man, or in what way He expresses His will, all that He reveals and expresses represents God Himself, God’s substance and what He has and is. God carries out His work with what He has and is, and in His true identity; this is absolutely true. Yet, today, people only have a partial understanding of God through His words, and through what they hear when they listen to the preaching, and so to a certain extent, this understanding can only be said to be a theoretical knowledge. In view of your actual states, you can only verify the understanding or knowledge of God that you have heard, seen, or known and understood in your heart today if each of you goes through this in your actual experiences, and comes to know it bit by bit. If I did not fellowship these words with you, would you be able to achieve true knowledge of God solely through your experiences? To do so, I’m afraid, would be very difficult. That is because people must first have the words of God in order to know how to experience. However many of God’s words people eat, such is the number that they can actually experience. God’s words lead the path ahead, and guide man in his experience. In short, for those who have some true experience, these last several fellowships will help them achieve a deeper understanding of the truth, and a more realistic knowledge of God. But for those who don’t have any true experience, or who have only just begun their experience, or have only just begun to touch upon the reality, this is a great test. Continue reading

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The Word of God “Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God” (Part One)

Almighty God says, “The three stages of work are at the heart of God’s entire management, and in them are expressed the disposition of God and what He is. Those who do not know of the three stages of God’s work are incapable of realizing how God expresses His disposition, nor do they know the wisdom of God’s work, and they remain ignorant of the many ways in which He saves mankind, and His will for the whole of mankind. The three stages of work are the full expression of the work of saving mankind. Those who do not know the three stages of work will be ignorant of the various methods and principles of the Holy Spirit’s work; those who only rigidly stick to doctrine that remains from one stage of work are people who limit God to doctrine, and whose belief in God is vague and uncertain. Such people will never receive God’s salvation.”



The Lord Jesus performed His redemption work in the Age of Grace and in the last days Almighty God does His work of judgment. How do we recognize that the judgment work of the last days and the redemption work of the Age of Grace are from one God?

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English Christian Song | The Heart of God Is Good | “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”


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Eastern Lightning | praise song | “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”

When humanity was filled with filth, disobeyed to an extent,
God had to destroy them due to His principles and essence.
God despised man, for they opposed Him.
But when He destroyed them,
His heart was still unchanged, His mercy still remained.

God pitied mankind, wanting to redeem in various ways.
But refusing God’s salvation, man continued to disobey.
No matter how God called and warned, how He supplied and helped,
man did not understand, man did not appreciate.

So God gave His great tolerance, waiting in pain for man to turn around.
Reaching His limit, He did what He had to do.
From the moment God planned to destroy to the moment He started His plan,
it was a period for man to turn around.
This was the last chance that God gave to man.
This was the last chance, this was the last chance that God gave to man.
from The Word Appears in the Flesh


How did the Church of Almighty God come into being?

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Christian gospel music | “Corrupt Mankind Needs the Salvation of God Incarnate”


God became flesh ’cause the object of His work
is not the spirit of Satan, nor anything not, not of flesh, but man.
Man’s flesh was corrupted by Satan and so became the object of God’s work.
The place of God’s salvation is man, is man.
Man is a mortal being, only flesh and blood,
and God alone can save him.
God must take on man’s flesh, and all that man is,
in order to do His work, to achieve the best result.
God must take on flesh, because man is flesh, who cannot overcome sin.
God must take on flesh, because man is flesh,
who cannot free himself from the bondage of the flesh.

Satan has corrupted the flesh of man,
who is deeply harmed and who’s blinded.
And the reason God comes, the reason He comes in flesh
is because man is the object of His salvation,
and Satan disturbs God’s work by using the flesh, the flesh of man, of man.
God battles Satan by conquering man, yet saves man at the same time.
In this way God Himself must become incarnate,
in order to do His work, in order to do His work.
Satan has corrupted flesh,
it’s indwelt man’s flesh and God has to defeat him.
To battle with Satan and save man,
God must come to earth and become flesh. It’s a real work. Continue reading