Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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God’s Will | Almighty God’s Utterance “How to Serve Is After God’s Heart”



Almighty God says, “If you wish to serve to the will of God, you must first understand what kind of person God likes, what kind of person God despises, what kind of person God perfects, and what kind of person has the qualifications to serve God. This is the minimum of what you must possess. You should further understand what the aim of God’s work is, and what work God wants to do at the present time. After you have understood these, using God’s word as a guide, you first enter in and accept the commission from God. When you have real experience of God’s word, and have true knowledge of the work of God, then you will be qualified to serve God. God will open your spiritual eyes as you serve Him, allowing you to understand the work of God better and more clearly. When you enter into this reality, your experience will deepen and become more practical. Anyone who has had such an experience is able to walk among the churches providing for the brothers and sisters, allowing you to complement each other and obtain a richer understanding in the spirit. After you achieve this effect, you will serve to God’s will, and in the process of serving, you will be perfected by God.”