Eastern Lightning Is My Salvation

Eastern Lightning Walking in God's Ways

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praise song| A Song of Love for God

New Songs, Praise, God, the Lamb, God's love

(Come back, come back,
come back, come back.)
You are my love.
You’re my heart’s song.
Without You, in darkness I fall,
devoid of light.
I long for You, I long for You,
come back, my God!
Oh! In this dark and evil world,
without You, I’ve nothing for strength.
I’m satisfied when in Your love.
You’re the song humming in my heart.
Your love has conquered my heart,
I could never leave You.
If You were displeased with me,
I’d still love You secretly.
You’re the song in my heart.
Without You I feel dark.
I long for You to come back.
Come back, come back, my God,
please come back!
Come back, come back, my God,
please come back! Continue reading

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Almighty God’s Word “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” | The Church of Almighty God


Almighty God says, “If you wish to serve God’s will, you must first understand what kind of people are beloved by God, what kind of people are loathed by God, what kind of people are made perfect by God, and what kind of people are qualified to serve God. This is the very least that you ought to be equipped with. Moreover, you should know the aims of God’s work, and the work that God shall do in the here and now. After understanding this, and through the guidance of God’s words, you will first enter, and first receive God’s commission. When you actually experience based upon God’s words, and when you truly know God’s work, you will be qualified to serve God. And it is when you serve Him that God enlightens your spiritual eyes, and allows you to have a greater understanding of His work and see it more clearly. When you enter this reality, your experiences will be more profound and real, and all those who have had such experiences will be able to walk among the churches and provide to their brothers and sisters, each side drawing on the strengths of the other to make up for their own deficiencies, and gaining a richer knowledge in their spirits. Only after achieving this effect will you be able to serve God’s will and be made perfect by God in the course of your service.”

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Living Waters | Almighty God’s Utterance “Only the Perfected Ones Can Live Out a Meaningful Life”

Almighty God says, “The perfected ones can not only become obedient after being conquered but also have knowledge, be transformed in their disposition, have some knowledge of God, experience the way of loving God, be full of the truth, know how to experience God’s work, suffer for God, and have their own resolutions. The perfected ones are the ones who have a practical knowledge of the truth through experiencing it. The conquered ones are the ones who know the truth but do not understand the true meaning of it. Although they become obedient after being conquered, such obedience is altogether the result achieved through judgment, and they do not understand the true meaning of many truths at all. Although they acknowledge the truth with their mouth, they have not entered into it. They only understand the truth but have no experience of it. As for the works done on those to be perfected, there are also chastisement and judgment, but there is also the supply of life accompanying them. Those who pay attention to entering into the truth are the ones to be perfected. The difference between the ones to be perfected and the conquered ones lies in whether they enter into the truth. Those who understand the truth, enter into the truth, and live out the truth are the perfected ones. Those who do not understand the truth or enter into the truth, that is, those who fail to live out the truth, are the ones who cannot be perfected. If such ones can become completely obedient now, they are the conquered ones. If the conquered ones do not seek the truth, follow but fail to live out the truth, and only see and hear the truth but pay no attention to living out the truth, they cannot be perfected. Those to be perfected practice the truths according to the way of being perfected, that is, practice the truths which are in the way of being perfected, thereby satisfying God’s heart’s desire and being perfected. All those who follow to the end before the conquering work ends are the ones conquered, but they cannot be said to be the ones perfected. The perfected ones are the ones who can pursue the truth and are gained by God after the conquering work ends. They are the ones who stand and live out the truth in the tribulations after the conquering work ends.”

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Gospel Music | Chorus “The One from Everlasting to Everlasting Holds Sovereignty over Everything”

1. In the boundless universe and expanse, so many living beings are living and multiplying, following the law of life and following an unchanging rule repeatedly. Ah … ah … ah … ah….

2. He will make mankind know his existence, see his deeds, and believe in his sovereignty. God’s Management has been going forward, going forward and has never stopped. He will make mankind see his deeds, see his deeds, and return to his kingdom. This is his plan and is the work he has been managing for thousands of years. Continue reading